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How to care for your skin all year round

Whether you’re nestling by a fireplace or soaking up the sun, you’re going to want your best skin, and each season has its own demands.

The changing weather and artificial environments (such as warmth from heaters) can stress out your skin throughout the year. In fact, many people will tell you that they have their best skin in one particular season but not another.

If, however, you’re struggling with bad skin and you’re not sure what to do as another seasonal change approaches, then take note of these these handy and easy skin care tips.


Fall skin tips


It’s always sad to say goodbye to summer. However, your skin might be happy to be bidding the harsh sun farewell. If you’ve taken too much sun, then now is the time to stop and let your skin have a break.

What to do: When heading outside, use sunscreen, and apply a daily face moisturizer that contains added SPF protection. If you’ve got a golden tan you don’t want to lose, then maintain your glow with a tinted moisturizer or spray tan.


By now sunny days are giving way to early evenings and autumn leaves. So sadly it’s time to let that summer skin go and scrub away dry skin — particularly rough feet and cracked heels.

What to do: Give your whole body a work-over with a grainy scrub, paying particular attention to your feet, knees and elbows. An oil-based scrub will give you some added moisture.

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It’s just about winter, so if there’s anything you need to do with your beauty routine right now, it’s to build a soft, hydrated foundation for your skin. Having a professional facial would be perfect, or an at-home option would be taking a steamy bath with a beauty mask on your face.

What to do: Make a fall-themed mask using the quintessential ingredient — pumpkin. The bloggers at Alyssa & Carla have a lovely DIY mask treatment and say they use “pumpkin to brighten and smooth skin.”


Winter skin tips


Ah, winter. It’s one of the toughest seasons on our skin, from the cold, harsh winds to the drying artificial warmth in our homes. Two key elements need to be incorporated into your beauty regime now, and that is “gentle” and “nourishing.”

What to do: Change any gel-based body washes and face cleansers for products that are creamy or oil-based, as they will be richer and more nourishing for your skin. Opt for thicker moisturizers or lotions for your body and face.


All those drastic temperatures, cold winds and hiding under layers of clothes mean your skin will be a bit dull and dry by mid-winter. It’s a perfect excuse to run a bath and use an all-over scrub that isn’t too abrasive.

What to do: Blogger Complicated Mama suffers from dry hands during winter and recommends a homemade scrub with a coconut oil base. She says, “Coconut oil is amazing for your skin… [It] has a lot of benefits, including anti-aging benefits.”


It might seem like a tip more appropriate for summer, but you need to keep hydrated from within to see results on the outside. In winter, you’re more likely to forget to drink water, and you’re exposed to lots of dry heating. Good hydration will keep your skin fresh and plump, which will also help with premature aging.

What to do: Keep drinking — water, that is! Don’t stick to just hot drinks, as tempting as they are. Too much coffee and sugar isn’t great for your skin.


Spring skin tips


Hooray! The dark, grey skies are behind us — mostly. So now, like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, it’s time to start shedding your winter look.

What to do: The Skincare Diva wisely recommends that “if you’re dealing with dry skin on your body, the skin is rougher, so use a body scrub or a loofah to help get the layers off. Allow up to three weeks to begin to see a restored glow.”


Spring is also a time when people start to shape up for summer and prepare to wear shorts, skirts and swimsuits. This is the perfect time to add in skin care products that will help combat cellulite.

What to do: Start using an all-over lotion that will help regenerate your skin’s firmness and diminish cellulite. Look for ingredients such as collagen and elastin.


You can achieve great skin by treating it from the inside, especially in spring, when fresh fruit and vegetables are starting to peak. Add lots of delicious variety to your diet, and see the benefits with a glowing complexion.

What to do: Did you know tomatoes are skin’s best friend? They are full of an antioxidant known as lycopene, which has anti-aging properties.

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Summer skin tips


It’s finally summer again! With long days in the sun and parties throughout the night, summer is a lot of fun, and you want to put your best foot forward at every event. If you’re after a summer glow, then the best and safest way to achieve it is cosmetically.

What to do: Unless you want everyone to know you’re faking it, start off summer with a natural-looking, gradual tan. Use an all-over moisturizer with a built-in self-tanner; the more you apply, the more it builds up.


If you’re particularly prone to oily skin, or if the humid air wreaks havoc on your body, then consider ditching the oil-based and creamy products you might have used over winter and spring.

What to do: Wash and cleanse with gels or mild soaps, and always apply a lightweight moisturizer so you don’t spend your day with a sticky feeling.


Summer skin care would not be complete without mentioning aloe vera. Whether you’re someone who walks around a lot in summer or you’re a sun lounger, it’s always a good idea to use products in summer that soothe and condition your skin.

What to do: You can either have an aloe vera gel on hand for accidental sunburn or use a daily moisturizer with added aloe vera, and apply, apply, apply!

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