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How to deal with festival blues (GIFs)

Boots and Hearts Festival has packed up its stages for another year, but festivalgoers are feeling the post-festival blues. Here’s how to cope if you’re missing the festival vibe.

Hearts are still bumping, and the ears continue to ring, which can mean just one thing — the Boots and Hearts Festival fever is coming on. Here’s how to deal with the post-festival blues.

1. Reminisce about all your happy festival memories with your fellow festival-going friends:

Share your festival memories

Video credit: YouTube / TheLateShowWithDavidLetterman

2. Listen to all your favourite festival acts on repeat:

Listen to your favourite music

Video credit: Tumblr / SmellsLikeSwift

3. Swoon over the hottest man in country music — Luke Bryan — by watching this over and over:

Watch this on repeat

Video credit:

4. Keep yourself busy by learning the guitar — or at least air guitar:

Learn air guitar

Video credit: YouTube / VeronicaMars

5. Learn how to perfect the art of setting up a tent so this doesn’t happen to you next time:

Learn how to set up a tent

Video credit: Tumblr / prguitarman

6. Come to terms with the fact that the festival is done. It’s time to admit it’s over for another year:

Realize it's over

Video credit: YouTube / TheVampireDiaries

7. Now, pick yourself up, and start saving for the next one!

Start saving for the next festival

Video credit: YouTube / BeyonceVEVO

Did you attend the Boots and Hearts Festival over the weekend? How are you dealing with your festival blues?

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