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Beauty cues: What those skin issues really mean

They say beauty is only skin deep. However, the condition of your skin can actually tell you a whole lot about what is happening on the inside.

A number of lifestyle factors can lead to telltale skin problems. Here are some of the more common beauty-related skin concerns and what you can change to get your best face.

Tired, dull skin

We all want glowing skin — and not just when we are pregnant! However, stress, lack of sleep and a poor diet can cause our skin to look worn out.

In terms of your diet, make sure you are drinking water throughout the day and eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

To take your skin from flat to glowing, use a good scrub, a rejuvenating mask and a super-hydrating moisturizer that will plump up your skin.

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Dry skin

Nothing’s worse than dry, flaky skin that feels tight and rough. There are many causes for dry skin, from seasonal changes to frequent washing to washing with harsh products to lack of moisturizing and so on.

Of all dry skin complaints, the hands are often the worst affected. Well-known Canadian beauty blogger Jennifer Francis from Spiced Beauty offers a remedy to get back soft hands.

“First things first — hydration. Once you’re hydrated, it’s easier to get your products to work for you. Then I would suggest layering products. Start with a light cream, and use a thicker one to seal [the moisture] in.”


It’s a fact of life that your skin will start to lose elasticity and wrinkles will start to appear. However, it’s premature aging and early wrinkles that really have us getting all bothered.

The best way to avoid getting crinkly before your time is to be religious with your application of moisturizer — day and night — and sunscreen. Most people tend to focus on their eyes and face, but it’s also worth remembering that signs of aging can occur on the hands and décolletage.


Sadly pimples aren’t just confined to the teen years. As adults, a number of things can cause breakouts, including health conditions, medications, pregnancy and hormones.

However, sometimes your daily life can send your skin into overdrive, resulting in blemishes. Check your makeup products (throw away old products, and use skin-friendly makeup), cut back on junk food, don’t skip your beauty routine, and flush out toxins by drinking lots of water.

Dark, puffy eyes

At some point in our lives, almost all of us will experience puffiness and dark circles under our eyes. This is often caused by burning the midnight oil for too long. Spiced Beauty’s Jennifer Francis says it’s best to “change your lifestyle and get more sleep.”

She adds: “Did you know that the skin over your eyes is the thinnest on your body? If you don’t take care of it, it will show. Before you go to bed, use an eye cream — it’s never too late to try.”

Cracked lips

No one likes to have a dry kisser. Not only do cracked lips look nasty, but they can be pretty painful when you’re trying to talk or eat.

Exposure to dry or windy weather or to too much sun can really damage your skin all over, but none more so than the sensitive skin on your lips. If you’re heading out, then slick on a protective lip balm, and when your lips aren’t raw, use a gentle exfoliator to maintain soft lips.

Dry lips can also be caused by dehydration, licking your lips too frequently, overly acidic or spicy foods, strong toothpastes and mouthwashes and some medications.

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