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The best beauty hashtags on Twitter

Love beauty trends or hate your beauty problems? Well, don’t worry. There’s a whole lot of help online these days, and thanks to social media, we can now get the best tips directly from experts and other regular joes.

If you just can’t stand the thought of missing out on a vital beauty tip, can we suggest you jump on Twitter and type in these hashtags? We assure you, your mind will be blown.

Getting the beauty scoop


Let’s start with the most obvious hashtag of all — beauty. Keep in mind, though, that its likeliness means it’s also going to generate lots of tweets.

You’re bound to find tips and comments from a range of people and companies, including beauty and fashion brands, bloggers, makeup professionals, women’s magazines, celebrity endorsers, motivational spokespeople, etc.


If you really want to know how to apply eyeliner perfectly or what shade of red lipstick will suit you, then try #beautytips. Chances are your question will have already been answered on this Twitter stream.

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This hashtag is industry speak for “beauty blogger.” So if you type in this little treasure, then you are going to hear from people in the know — the lucky ones who get to test and review all the latest beauty trends. Go on, try #bblogger!

#Beautynews or #Beautytrends

We’ve put these two hashtags together because they’re similar and used interchangeably by the beauty industry and its experts. Yep, that’s right — every time your favourite brand launches a new product or a sale is happening, this is where you are going to hear about it.

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If you like a more simplistic approach to makeup, skin care and beauty, then you should follow the feed that comes up under #naturalbeauty. There are some great DIY approaches to beauty treatments as well as advice on treating trouble spots with natural or dietary products.

Specific beauty help


The age-old beauty question: How can I look younger? Add this hashtag to your feed, and the answers keep scrolling off the screen. From diet tips to beauty products, you’ll never be short of ways to keep youth on your side.


Whether it’s just the face or all over, everyone wants beautiful skin. This hashtag will bring up hints to get you looking your dewy best, as well as tweets that will encourage you to be confident in your own skin (it’s a common hashtag tweeters use for those makeup-free photos).


This one is going to be your best hashtag as we start to head back into the colder months. We know it seems counterintuitive to look up “dry skin,” but you will find a range of complaints you can empathize with and, naturally, lots of solutions to a problem that plagues many people.


We’ve gotten a bit specific with this one, because if you type just “makeup” as your hashtag, then you’ll be trawling through all sorts of tweets about broken hearts and rekindled romance! Instead, try #makeuptips, and learn just about anything — from who can wear blue lipstick to how to care for your makeup brushes.

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