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12 Products That’ll Keep Your Kitchen Organized

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When it comes to organizing your kitchen, everyone is subject to the same restraints: cabinet space, fridge size, counter space, etc. The key is optimizing the limited space given to you no matter the size of your kitchen. Whether you’re cooking or sharing a meal with family, your kitchen is one of the places in your home where you spend the most time. So it only makes sense that you’d want to make it as functional as possible. 

This round-up of items will serve as a great jumping off point to taking control over your kitchen storage. Here you’ll find tools for increasing your cabinet storage, clearing counter space, organizing your appliances, and more. By the time you make it through this list, you’ll have everything you need to make your kitchen worthy of The Home Edit.

Punched Metal Shelf

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Image: Brightroom. Image: Brightroom.

A simple shelf can go a long way when it comes to keeping your kitchen neat and organized. You can use it to store additional dishes in your cabinets, to organize countertop appliances, or even for dry food storage. And at just $9 at Target, you can buy multiple shelves without breaking the bank. 

Punched Metal Shelf - Brightroom $9

Suzanna Adjustable Flatware & Kitchen Utensils Drawer Organizer 

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Image: Rebrilliant. Image: Rebrilliant.

A kitchen organizational staple is a utensil drawer organizer. If your drawer is large enough, this expandable tray can hold larger cooking utensils such as spatulas and mixing spoons, clearing some space off your countertops. Otherwise, it’s perfectly serviceable for all your silverware storing needs.

Suzanna Adjustable Flatware & Kitchen Utensils Drawer Organizer $31.99

Mug Tree

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Image: Gourmet Basics by Mikasa. Image: Gourmet Basics by Mikasa.

It’s almost too easy to amass an unwieldy collection of mugs, and often our precious cabinet space is dedicated to storing these bulky items. Enter the mug tree! This countertop tool not only helps organize your mugs, but it also offers additional storage for coffee pods or any other kind of beverage supplies. 

Mug Tree $59.99

2-Pack Pot Rack Organizer 

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Image: Prep & Savour. Image: Prep & Savour.

Storing pots and pans can often be a bit haphazard—who doesn’t know the struggle of trying to wiggle loose the pan at the bottom of the stack? With this pot rack organizer, the ease of grabbing your cookware increases tenfold. You can store the rack either on its side or vertically, inside a cabinet or on your countertop; and for even more optimal storage, you can pair this with a mounted lid organizer

2 Pack - Heavy Duty Pot Rack Organizer $84.99

Rev-A-Shelf Double 50-Qt Top Mount Pullout Waste Trash Container Bin

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Image: Rev-A-Shelf. Image: Rev-A-Shelf.

You always have to make a choice when it comes to kitchen trash storage: Do you hide the bins away in a cabinet or let them freestand in the kitchen? When you have some space to store them away, a great way to utilize that space is by putting the trash cans on a track inside your cabinet. Not only does this help save cabinet space, but it also makes access a lot easier. 

Rev-A-Shelf Double 50-Qt Top Mount Pullout Waste Trash Container $169.99 on

Expandable Bamboo Food Lid Rack

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Image: X-cosrack. Image: X-cosrack.

Tupperware storage seems to be synonymous with the word “messy,” but with this lid rack those days are over. A simple organizer will keep all your lids in order (and keep them from getting lost), so all that’s left is to stack up the rest of the containers they’re paired with. This lid rack is also expandable, so you can adjust depending on how big your storage container collection is. 

X-cosrack Expandable Bamboo Food Lid Rack $29.99 on

Flower Pattern Grocery Bag Storage Holder

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Image: Greenf. Image: Greenf.

We’ve all gotten creative with the way we store plastic grocery bags in our homes: a dedicated drawer, having one bag carry all the rest, etc. It almost feels too obvious that a dedicated and compact grocery bag storage holder exists to solve this problem. But this cute and patterned cloth bag is here to save the day!

Flower Pattern Grocery Bag Storage Holder $12.99 on

OXO POP 12-Piece Container Set

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Image: OXO. Image: OXO.

Storing foods in clear containers in the refrigerator has really taken the world by storm in the last few years, and for a good reason. It’s a great way to optimize the space you have, and it’s also a great way to plan meals for the week. This 12-piece container set is a great starting point if you’re open to taking a stab at this trendy way to organize your food and fridge.  

OXO POP 12-Piece Container Set, Steel $156.95

Magnetic Knife Holder for Wall

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Image: Linoroso. Image: Linoroso.

A great way to save on both drawer space and counter space is to install a wall-mounted magnetic knife holder. Gone are the days of rummaging through packed drawers and clunky knife blocks when you can just reach out and grab what you need at a moment’s notice while cooking. 

Linoroso 16.5'' Magnetic Knife Holder $29.95 on

Lombok Wall-Mounted Bar Shelf

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Image: Anthropologie. Image: Anthropologie.

When you don’t have room for a bar cart (or an actual bar) in your kitchen space, a wall-mounted bar shelf is a great alternative. This hand-carved shelf from Anthropologie offers both glassware and bottle storage options and features fun filigree cutouts that will create interesting shadows throughout the day. 

Lombok Wall-Mounted Bar Shelf $178

Vera Bradley Recipe Tin with Cards and Dividers

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Image: Vera Bradley. Image: Vera Bradley.

Cooking isn’t just about the tools you need to make your favorite dishes—you need to be able to easily access your recipes as well. Keeping all your recipes organized in one place can really streamline the process. This cute Vera Bradley recipe tin is a great way to start building your recipe collection, as it comes with recipe cards and dividers. 

Vera Bradley Recipe Tin with Cards and Dividers $24.95 on

Pull Out Pantry

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A great way to utilize small spaces in your kitchen, such as the space between your stove and countertop, is to invest in a skinny pull-out pantry. This small cart will help save space for other freestanding furniture pieces in your cooking area. Store spices, cooking utensils, cleaning supplies, or whatever else you can’t seem to find a space for otherwise. 

Lombok Wall-Mounted Bar Shelf $89.99

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