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Best brands to follow on Instagram

Instagram is booming, and one of the major reasons more and more people are joining the site is because of big brands. Now more than ever, companies have taken to the site to showcase their wares in unique and unbelievable ways. Here are a few you simply must follow.


Louboutin's Instagram |

If you’re a shoe lover — even if you can’t necessarily afford a pair with red soles — you will love this feed. Bonus: It gives followers a behind-the-scenes peek at what it takes to make a Louboutin.


Audi's Instagram |

Cars have never really been our thing, but then we stumbled upon this feed from Audi. We never thought we’d covet a vehicle, but this stream of auto and travel shots has made us do just that. We’ll take an Audi R8, please.


Converse's Instagram |

The sneakers! The graffiti! The urban landscape shots! Converse has done a great job at curating a feed that’s about more than just a product. It’s about the life you lead when you wear the brand (one that’s effortlessly cool).


H&M's Instagram |

H&M‘s Instagram feed has taken #fashionporn to a whole new level by showcasing some of the season’s hottest trends in fun ways. It also acts as a bit of a sartorial tutorial: The company masterfully pairs items together to create simple and chic looks.


GoPro |

If you’re going to follow just one brand on Instagram, then this would be it. GoPro‘s pictures literally take you to where the action is, whether it’s surfing under a wave or riding a roller coaster. Find them. Follow them. You’re welcome.

Red Bull

Red Bull |

Photography lovers, feast your eyes on this feed — a mixture of fabulous shots from the people behind Red Bull. Some of the snaps don’t have anything to do with the brand; they’re just ogle worthy.


Starbucks |

Who knew a coffee company would be able to curate such a fun, fresh, cheery and intelligent feed on Instagram? But that’s just what Starbucks did. The snaps the company shares are so much better than just pics of your daily latte.


Nike's instagram |

Nike‘s Instagram feed will inspire you to get off the couch and get your butt moving. All the shots are brilliantly taken, and some of the sports moments highlighted are thought provoking.


Amex's instagram |

The glitz! The glamour! Amex‘s Instagram feed takes its followers on a behind-the-scenes tour of what it’s like to live the fashionable high life (with exclusive pics from concerts, fashion shows and sporting events).


Sharpie's instagram |

Inspire your inner artist by hopping aboard the Sharpie train! The account’s tagline says all you need to know about the company’s feed: “Grab a Sharpie & Start Something.” The art that’s produced by the brand’s designers is spectacular.

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