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We want these Instagrammers’ lives

If you’re new to Instagram, you’ll probably spend the first few days following your favourite celebrities as well as your close pals. But after that, it can be hard to find people who are follow worthy. Luckily for you, as an Insta-newbie, I’ve tracked down some fantastic folks to follow. Prepare for some creative photo inspiration.

Rustic shots and lush landscapes

I love everything about the pics Aussie photographer Cindy Chen posts to her Insta feed. The rustic food shots, the sweet kitty pics and the fresh florals and lush landscapes… They make me want to move to Australia and become an artist. Follow along with @mrpaddingtonbear.

Colourful art

Ruth takes playing around with art supplies to a whole new and beautiful level with her feed of stunning watercolour and paint splatter shots. She will make you want to take a painting class, stat. Follow along with @llruth.

Modern design

The Future Perfect is a site out of New York and San Francisco that tracks down the best in high design. It will inspire you to redecorate and search out awesomely unique decor. If only I could afford all their classy finds. Follow along with @thefutureperfect.

Pretty food

If you like shots of pretty food things, then you will love this feed by Julie Lee. The most astonishing part of the whole thing? Lee uses only her iPhone to shoot every snap. (Julie, teach me your photo-perfecting ways!) Follow along with @julieskitchen.

Cooking in the countryside

Another one of my favourite foodies to follow on Insta, Aran Goyoaga turns regular tablescapes into elegant photos that make me want to do nothing but garden, cook and travel the countryside. Follow along with @cannellevanille.

Garden party

If you’re in need of planting tips (or even thoughts on how to curate your garden spaces), then this feed will provide some inspiration and helpful fodder. It will also make you feel like having a garden party. Follow along with @canarygrey.

Everyday chic

I want to live in this Instagram feed. Curated by Kate Arends Peters, the mastermind behind the eponymous named blog, it is packed with perfect (and very Parisian-chic) pics of everyday scenes. Follow along with @witanddelight_.

Bright and cheery

If you’re a lover of all things bright, cheery, fun and life embracing, then you will adore this feed by Jordan Ferney. It inspires me to experiment and play with colour. I want her creative-looking life. Follow along with @ohhappyday.

Travel the world

Travel FOMO abounds with this feed, brought to you by Elise and Katie — two pals who travel the world and share their secrets on Insta. Follow along with @thehappyhunters.

Get crafty

The textiles! The patterns! The colour! If you’re looking to be a little more crafty in your daily life, then this Insta feed run by Lucy and Lily will charm the pants right off you. Follow along with @peachesandkeen.

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