Canada Day felt key ring

It’s time to celebrate everything that is great about this diverse, glorious land of ours. What better way to do that than by getting a bit patriotic with one of Canada’s most iconic animals — the humble moose? Just a bit of felt here, a bit of glue there, and you’ll have a little bit of Canada to carry around with you.

The moose is undeniably Canadian, but carrying one around might be a touch tough on your back — they’re pretty heavy. Instead, satisfy your patriotic needs this Canada Day (and every day thereafter) with a cute felt moose key ring. It’s super easy to make, can be tailored to your personal colour preferences (also hard to do with an actual moose) and will ensure you always have a piece of Canada in your pocket.

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Canada Day felt key ring

Canada day felt keyring | - Supplies


  • 3 colours craft felt (go with white, red and brown for an extra-patriotic feel)
  • Black craft felt or a Sharpie, for eyes and nostrils
  • PDF Canada Day felt moose key ring template
  • A pencil or chalk
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Craft glue
  • Needle and embroidery thread
  • Stuffing
  • Key ring


1. Cut out the pattern pieces

Canada day felt keyring | - Step 1

Cut out the pieces from the printable Canada Day moose felt key ring template, and trace them onto the craft felt.

2. Cut the felt

Canada day felt keyring | - Step 2

Cut out the pieces from the felt. You’ll need 2 head pieces in 1 colour, 2 antler pieces in another colour and a nose piece in a third colour.

3. Make a loop

Canada day felt keyring | - Step 3

On 1 of your head pieces, mark the point marked with an “X.” Thread some embroidery thread, tie a knot at the end and, starting from the inside out, pull the needle through the base of the “X.” Sew a single stitch through the back, and then form a small loop (but large enough for your key ring) at the top. Sew another stitch parallel to the first one, and finish it off with a knot. Tie the ends of the 2 knots together, and trim them off. Don’t worry if it’s bulky; the stuffing will hide your knots.

4. Glue the antlers

Canada day felt keyring | - Step 4

Glue an antler at each side of the knots.

5. Glue the head

Canada day felt keyring | - Step 5

In a thin line, place glue along the edges of the top 2/3 of 1 head piece, and then glue the second head piece to it.

6. Add a nose

Canada day felt keyring | - Step 6

Glue the nose piece to the front of the moose head.

7. Stuff the head

Canada day felt keyring | - Step 7

Allow everything to dry. Once it has, stuff the head piece using the opening you left at the bottom, and then glue it shut. You might need to hold it closed with a clothespin until it’s semi dry.

8. Add nostrils and eyes

Canada day felt keyring | - Step 8

When the glue is dry, use a Sharpie (or other black pen) or little pieces of black felt and glue to make 2 eyes and 2 nostrils.

9. Attach the key ring

Canada day felt keyring | - Step 9

Using the pliers, attach the key ring to the felt moose.

10. Make fun colour variations

Canada day felt keyring | - Step 10

Play around with different colour combinations, and celebrate being Canadian.

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