9 Canadian women you should be following on Twitter

With so many people to follow on this ever-growing social media site (it’s set to grow by almost 30 per cent in Canada this year!), it can be hard to suss out who the best tweeters are. So here, in honour of all things Canadian, we’ve rounded up nine must-get-to-know Canadian women on the web.

Kirstine Stewart | Sheknows.com

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Kirstine Stewart

As head of Twitter Canada, Stewart knows a thing or two about social media and sharing stories online. She’s got well over 28,000 followers, and her messaging is all about marketing, tweeting (obvi!), life in Toronto and charity. It’s a rocking read for any woman aspiring to break the glass ceiling.

Jann Arden | Sheknows.com

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Jann Arden

It’s no surprise that one of Canada’s most famous and talented songstresses is also one of the most profound Twitter users. From her lessons on “getting the most out of life” to her random observations about places across our home and native land, Arden‘s stream does not disappoint.

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Lisa Tant | Sheknows.com

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Lisa Tant

Though Lisa Tant is no longer the editor-in-chief of Canada’s fashion magazine Flare, she is still — and always will be — this nation’s Anna Wintour (only nicer). Tant now heads up exclusive services at Holt Renfrew, and her feed is full of breaking fashion and style news as well as tidbits about how the luxurious set spend their time.

Margaret Atwood | Sheknows.com

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Margaret Atwood

If you need only one reason to follow Margaret Atwood, then it’s that she very publicly took on Toronto mayor Rob Ford and his brother via the social media feed (she called them out for being — and we’re paraphrasing here — lacklustre at their jobs). Atwood is an artist, famed author and devoted Torontonian, and as such, her tweets are both sassy and motivational.

Coco Rocha | Sheknows.com

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Coco Rocha

Is your dream to be a mega model? Then hop on this stream of consciousness straight from the runway courtesy of Canada’s top model, Coco Rocha. The candid beauty has nearly one million followers and muses on all sorts of inspirational things, including her uber-romantic marriage to James Conran.

Amber MacArthur | Sheknows.com

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Amber MacArthur

Tech talk at its finest is posted to Twitter courtesy of this wonder-woman, Amber Mac. Originally from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, MacArthur is a television and online journalist and basically the web’s best friend. The best part is that she’s endlessly engaged with her followers — ask her a question, and she will respond. We dig her!

Bonnie Fuller | Sheknows.com

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Bonnie Fuller

Though Fuller now lives in the U.S., we still claim her for our own. A former editor at Flare, she is perhaps best known for her turn as editor of Us Weekly — she’s credited for transforming the way entertainment and celebrities are covered by the press. Today she runs her own media company and a website (which is full of gossipy tidbits), HollywoodLife.com.

Elaine Lui | Sheknows.com

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Elaine Lui

Want to get an honest education in all things Hollywood? Look no further than the candid Twitter musings from Elaine Lui — a.k.a. Lainey Gossip. The self-described “smuthound” is very real, even when faced with interviewing big-name stars like Brad Pitt, and is now a co-host of Canada’s The Social.

Pamela Anderson | Sheknows.com

Photo credit: WENN.com

Pamela Anderson

This nation’s blond bombshell is so, so much more than her Baywatch roots would lead one to believe. Sure, Pamela Andersonis a model, but she’s also an avid advocate for animal rights, condemning the commercial fur industry and promoting veganism. She recently opened up about her battle to overcome a sexual assault in her youth.

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