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6 Thoughtful things to do for the dad who has to work on Father’s Day

Not all dads are able to be home on Father’s Day. If that’s the case for the dad in your life, don’t worry. We came up with some simple but fun ways to say you care.

1. Pack him a special Father’s Day lunch

Whether Dad usually packs his own lunch or buys lunch at work, for Father’s Day, make sure he gets something a little different. Buy a lunch box or bag that he’ll like (in a colour he loves or a style that suits him), and make him something he’ll really appreciate and that he hasn’t had in a while. Pack it up with a card, notes or drawings from the kids and a small gift he can open at his desk.

2. Send him flowers

Depending on where he works, you can really make Dad’s day on Father’s Day by having flowers (or even balloons) delivered to his office. It’s a nice way to let him know he’s in everyone’s thoughts even though he’s stuck behind a desk. If he doesn’t really like flowers or balloons, then see if there’s something else he might like sent to his workplace.

3. Bring his favourite treat to the office

If he can’t be home, then you can go to him. Bake a batch of his favourite brownies or cookies, package them in a nice tin or box, and take them to the office as a midday treat. He can share if he wants to or just keep his Father’s Day baked goods to himself.

4. Surprise him by doing all his chores while he’s gone

Does Dad usually mow the lawn, vacuum the house and make a Costco run on Sundays? While he’s at work, tick off all the chores he usually does that day, whether it’s taking the car to get washed or watering the garden. That way, when he gets home, all he has to do is sit back, relax and enjoy what’s left of Father’s Day.

5. Plan a post-Father’s Day surprise for him

Just because Dad isn’t around on Father’s Day doesn’t mean he can’t celebrate. If he’ll be home too late for any festivities, then plan a post-Father’s Day event he can enjoy when he’s not on the clock. Maybe it’s a picnic in the park or tickets to a baseball game, but think about what he would most enjoy, and pick a date to make it happen.

6. Have dinner ready and waiting

If Dad will be home in time for dinner, then plan something special. Light some candles, get the kids to help decorate the house, and cook or order in something you know he’ll love. When he walks in the door, hand him his favourite beverage, and help him get comfortable. Then enjoy Father’s Day “night” with the family.

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