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10 Things your husband actually wants for Father’s Day

It’s always tempting to give your husband a pair of cute socks or a tie (because he’s impossible to shop for!), but let’s think outside the box. Everybody wants something — you just need to find the right angle.

Black Keys
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1. Concert tickets

Concert tickets are usually a big splurge, so not every man will want to invest in a commitment like that. Treat your husband to tickets to his favourite band, and he will sing you praises. Obviously buy at least two so he won’t have to go alone. Luckily both Smokey Robinson and The Black Keys are touring right now, so you can grab some tickets on

2. A good drink

Aberlour 18-years-old Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

Every man has a favourite drink but doesn’t necessarily feel like splurging on it on a whim. So why not treat your husband to his favourite whisky or bourbon this Father’s Day? Like a beautiful bottle of Aberlour 18-year-old Single Malt Scotch Whisky (, $147) or a Century Reserve 21-year-old Canadian Rye Whisky (, $48)? We guarantee he’ll appreciate it.

3. An excellent cologne

Armani Eau Pour Homme

While men like to be in charge, they don’t always know what they’re looking for. Having his wife choose a cologne for him is a great stamp of approval for a scent, and it saves your man from mall-wandering. Think Armani Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme gift set (, $101) and Givenchy Pi (, $69), which are perfect for the summer.

4. Camping gear

Camping gear

If your husband is an outdoorsy type, then consider buying him some camping gear. This way he can take it out for a test drive with the kids right away and spend some quality time outside. Check out a great family tent like the MEC Cabin 4 Tent (, $389) or even an Innova Swing I Inflatable Kayak (, $625).

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5. A brewery tour

A brewery tour

Photo credit: Hero Images / Getty images

Nothing beats going to the brewery with a crew of buddies. If your husband is a beer man, then this will be perfect. He will spend some time away from the kids and have the chance to sample delicious ales. Think of your local breweries, like Steam Whistle in Toronto, and book a tour.

6. A fishing trip with the kids

A fishing trip with the kids

Photo credit: Martine Doucet / iStock / 360 / Getty image

Gifts are fun and all, but what about some quality time with the family? Organize a fishing trip for your hubby and the kids. He’ll appreciate the time out in nature and the bonding. Plus, this is a great way to put something together yourself instead of buying a specific item.

7. A gift for his “baby” (the car, that is!)

Men tend to adore their rides, so anything you buy for his car is a gift from the heavens. We advise taking your husband with you (unless you’re a car pro), but usually a new set of speakers or even installing some gorgeous leather seats in his car will land you the Wife of the Year trophy.

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8. A sporting extravaganza

A sporting extravaganza

Photo credit: Duane Burleson / Getty Images Sport / Getty images

If your husband is a sports-loving man, then consider grabbing some tickets to a Jays game or booking some time on the golf course for Father’s Day. It’s a great way to entertain him and show you care about his interests. Plus, cheering his little heart out or gathering his thoughts on the golf course is a great mood lifter.

9. A run-of-the-mill gift card

Sometimes the best gift is money. While men appreciate our running around, trying to find the perfect present to suit their interests, they might prefer to just do it themselves. If your husband is very selective or actually impossible to shop for, then consider grabbing him a mall gift card and sending him on his way. Because you just never know what he might want…

10. New tech gadgets

LaCie external silvered hard drive

Men are always on the lookout for the newest and coolest tech gadgets they can fiddle around with or even just show off to their buddies. Check out what’s new and hot this year in the world of technology, and treat your man to something futuristic. Like the super-sleek LaCie external silvered hard drive (, $490) or the Canon Powershot D20 adventure camera (, $300), which waterproof, shockproof and temperature-resistant.

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