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8 Hairstyles for the beach

Sun, sea and chlorine — they all can wreak havoc on your hair. Before you kick beauty to the curb for a day of fun in the sun, we consulted renowned New York City hairstylist Mark Garrison to show how you can recreate eight hot celebrity looks at home — perfect for the beach or pool.

Believe it or not, these summer hairstyles are all pretty simple and will leave you looking chic all day long. No matter what style you choose, don’t forget the SPF — for your hair. “You want to have hair that looks moisturized when you’re out in the sun,” says Garrison, whose eponymous salon is located on New York City’s Upper East Side. “It’s good to keep some oil in the hair and use products with sun protection. It will keep hair from drying out and looking like hay.”

1. Chic bun

Chic bun |

To get this look at home, Garrison recommends starting off by applying a protective hair spray through damp hair. Then pull hair into a ponytail at the crown of the head.

“Secure it with an elastic, and wrap the ponytail around, anchoring it with bobby pins,” he says.

2. Wavy and free

Wavy and free |

This is the perfect look if you have naturally wavy hair. “It’s great because the humidity is bringing out the natural wave and curl,” Garrison says. Create this look by scrunching your hair after shampooing, applying a protective styling gel and then letting your hair air-dry on its own, without touching it.

“You want the curls to set into place and take on their form as they dry,” he says. “If you touch it as it’s drying, it will result in frizzies.”

3. Long and wavy

Long and wavy |

For gals with long, straight hair, get this sexy, wavy look by creating a side part and pulling damp hair back into a low bun. “Then let that dry, and when you take it down, you will have that automatic wave formation,” Garrison says. “The bun is going to give that undulation, that wave you see.” If you have wavy hair, then simply part your hair on the side, pull it back in a headband and let it dry.

“When you take it out, you will have that wave,” he says.

4. French braids

French braids |

“Braids are all the rage,” Garrison says. To create this look, first apply a leave-in conditioner to damp hair to give it some texture. Then part your hair on the side, and start a French braid that follows the hairline, working your way down toward the ear. Do this on each side of the part. Last, secure the ends of the braids with an elastic.

“You need long, hanging hair for this look,” he notes.

5. Braided accents

Woman braiding her hair |

This look is about making random little braids from the part. Garrison suggests to first start off with some serum or cream to give your hair some texture, but don’t apply too much, as it might end up feeling greasy. “Make a couple [of] braids on each side of the part and a couple in the back,” he says. “This is the best look for long hair so the braids can fall. Otherwise they might look stubby.”

To add some pizzazz to this look, weave some strips of fabric into the braids, Garrison says.

6. Perfect ponytail

Pony tail |

You can’t go wrong with a pony. “The key here is hair [blow-dried] naturally or upside down with some mousse to give it some volume,” says Garrison, who recommends applying an after-sun moisturizing mist to the hair. Then, “the hair is loosely pulled back, not so severely, resting at the occipital bone in the lower rear of the head and secured in a ponytail.” Finish the look by taking a section of the ponytail, wrapping it around the base and pinning it into place, he says.

This look is perfect for longish hair and long bangs.

7. Braid and bun

Braid and bun |

A French braid updates the classic bun. Get this look by parting your hair in the middle or on the side and taking big sections of hair to weave into a French braid. “The chunky sections of hair are what give it that hefty, thick-braided look,” says Garrison, who suggests using a sun treatment for this style. “There are six sections of hair that were braided, and you work in three pieces of hair as you’re braiding.”

At the end of the braid, gather with elastic, create a ponytail, and then secure into a low bun.

8. Wavy bob

Wavy bob |

“I love this. This is so cute,” Garrison says of this layered bob with angled bangs. “This is about working with the natural wave in the hair.” To get this look on straight hair, use a 1-inch-barrel curling iron to curl the hair in 1-inch sections. Be careful not to curl the ends to give it that “flicky” look. Then finger-tousle and push it into a side-swept part. To define the curls even more, use a curling product, take finger sections, and spiral-curl them around your finger.

“Let them dry naturally,” he says. And voila.

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