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How to hang a picture without hammer and nails

We hate to admit it, but not all of us are talented with a hammer and nails. Luckily picture-hanging technology has come a long way, and alternatives exist that allow us to do it ourselves — without having to beg our husband, beau, younger brother or handy neighbour to do it for us. Check out these five picture-hanging alternatives.

Command Strips

Command Strips

Any hammer and nail-less gal will fall in love with Command Strips — they’re a DIY miracle. Keep these in your picture-hanging tool box, because they will change your life. The strips come in a variety of sizes and are as easy to use as peeling the sticker off the back of the strip and placing the strip where you’d like it on the wall. The largest strips can hold up to a 24 x 36-inch picture in a frame, but we’ve saved the best part for last — you can remove them easily from the wall when you’re ready to take that picture down.

Monkey or hurricane hooks

Monkey or Hurricane hooks

You’ll often see these hooks on late-night infomercials under creative names, but really, they are all just plain old monkey or hurricane hooks that have been around for ages. To use a monkey hook, simply push the straight end and curved section through the wall where you’d like to hang your picture, and you’re left with a tiny hook for hanging that safely holds up to 50 pounds. Monkey hooks are especially great for frames that have a wire on the back for hanging.

Picture rail hooks

Picture rail hooks

If you have an older home that’s filled with gorgeous picture rails, then put them to use with picture rail hangers. Believe it or not, these decorative wall rails were actually originally intended for just this purpose — hanging pictures easily on the walls without having to damage them with a hammer and nails. Not only do picture rail hooks make it a breeze to hang and swap out pictures, but you can choose from dozens of hooks to match the interior of your home.

The Takker

The Takker

You’ll never need a hammer and nails again with the Takker. This is the super-easy-to-use cousin of the staple gun. Using the Takker is as simple as putting it on the wall where you’d like to hang your picture frame and then banging on the big red button. Just like that, the Takker puts a small but sturdy tack into the wall. Using the Takker for hanging pictures is a great option if you’re renting your home, because those little tacks hardly leave a hole in your wall, so you’re sure to get your entire damage deposit back.

Poster putty

LUSH Gingerbread House Bubble Bar

We’re pretty sure the last time you used poster putty was when you lived in a concrete-walled dorm room your first year of college, but you’d be surprised at how handy it really is even now. Poster putty is a cheap, easy-to-use, damage-free (and hammer- and nail-free!) way to hang things on your wall. From lightweight picture frames to unframed photos or small canvases, all you have to do to use poster putty is stretch some free and then stick it to the wall. Poster putty is also great for hanging temporary artwork or decorations for parties when you’re in a pinch.

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