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The best beauty Pinterest boards

Can’t decide which beauty Pinterest boards are worth following? Let us help you. We’ve waded our way though literally thousands of boards, and here are a few of our favourites.


Funky lips

Once upon a time it was thought that wearing black or blue lipstick was edgy, but Funky Lips takes lip art to a brand new level. If only lips like these were considered work appropriate makeup, then wearing lipstick to the office could become a lot more interesting.

Eye-popping eye art

When Israeli artist Tal peg goes to work, her canvases are eyelids. She creates spectacular works of art worthy of being hung in a gallery, and the results will take your breath away. And just when we thought being able to create a smoky eye was special…

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Natural beauty

You don’t have to wear makeup to look beautiful, even if you have freckles. Natural Beauty is a Pinterest board for girls who prefer the fresh-faced look. It offers inspiration for rocking your freckles, using makeup to look natural and going makeup free.

Nouveau nail art

Gone are the days when wearing black glittery nail polish was as crazy as you could get. Nail art is the fun new way to jazz up your fingertips. The Nails Pinterest board has almost 1,000 pins to inspire your next manicure, whether you’re a fan of Angry Birds or have a fascination with watermelons.

Amazing tattoos

If you love tattoos, then you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your next tattoo design on Amazing Tattoos. The board features over 560 quality pins, from abstract elephants to the two old grumpy guys from The Muppets. Why have a small, dainty tatt when you can go big, bold and colourful?

Battle scars

Over 3,000 motivational pins collated by Sparkle Smith are designed to help you stay strong and realize you are beautiful just the way you are, even when it feels like your whole world is caving in. It’s a good reminder that beauty comes from within.

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Funky hair

If you’re bored with having the same old hairstyle, then take it up a notch with inspiration from Funky Hair‘s Pinterest board. Whether it’s a fun new style or a change of colour using hair chalk, you won’t be short of great ideas.

Natural skin care

Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be complicated.The Skin Care Pinterest board by Urbane Women features over 1,700 pins on natural ways to nourish and cleanse your skin using products you can find in your fridge and pantry.

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