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The best beauty channels on YouTube

If you’re looking for DIY tutorials on hair, makeup and skincare, you can find almost anything you need to know on YouTube. To save you precious time, we’ve done all the hard work. These are 10 of the best video beauty blogs online.


Pixiwoo is a total beauty magazine in video format. It features simply everything you could possibly want to know, from basic makeup techniques to surprise transformations to product reviews to how to achieve looking like your favourite celebrity. The beauty channel was launched in July 2007 by British makeup artists and sisters Sam Chapman and Nic Haste, and has gained international recognition. Tune in to see why 1.5 million people love their online makeup tutorials.

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Jaclyn Hill

Fast-talking Jaclyn Hill is a young makeup artist with a good selection of step-by-step DIY instructional tutorials. Her enthusiasm and occasional cheesy one-liners make her video channel highly watchable. Her videos generally feature very wearable looks for the average woman that you can do yourself without having to be a makeup expert, but every now and again she likes to unleash her creative genius.

Michelle Phan

Think of Michelle Phan as your beauty bestie. She strives to make all her subscribers realize they are beautiful with or without makeup. She likes to experiment with a variety of looks, from romantic glam to the more creative (like how to look like a bad girl). Her video blog also extends to self-help and fashion tutorials.

Karissa Pukas

Canadian-born Karissa Pukas lives in Australia and is passionate about one embracing one’s own personal style while she tries to inspire others to live a healthy and happy life. She values the integrity of her beauty channel, so all product reviews are based on her personal experience and research.

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Elle Fowler

AllThatGlitters21 will quickly become one of your favourite girlie places to hang out online. It’s a collection of fashion, health, fitness, beauty and decor video blogs by the effervescent Elle Fowler. If you love feeling feminine, then you’re going love all that Elle has to offer. Join the 1.2 million Glitterbugs who subscribe to her channel.

Patricia Bright

#ShineBright is a video blog by British beauty Patricia Bright. You will absolutely adore this blog, particularly if you have darker skin. It covers a wide range of topics, from everyday makeup for darker skin to hyperpigmentation to maintaining wavy hair extensions.

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