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Makeup tips we wish were work appropriate

This month we’re burning the corporate rule book on what’s deemed appropriate makeup for the office, and going totally experimental. Get ready to jazz up your morning makeup routine, as we have some great suggestions for a fresh, new look.

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There are guidelines for most things in life, and makeup application is no exception: Foundation should match your skin tone, blusher follows your cheekbones, and lips must be outlined with a matching lip liner to avoid colour-bleeding. But forget what you’ve been told, because the only limit is your imagination.

Bedazzled lips

Put a sparkle back in your smile with blinged-out lips. All you need is some lash glue and 3-D jewels or beads.

Eyes wide shut

Drawing cartoon eyes onto your eyelids takes a steady hand, but can you think of a better way to catch a quick nap while on the job?

Feline eyes

Look pawsitively sexy when you purr-fect the cat eye look. You’ll need a soft black eyeliner, a sharpener, a steady hand and some lash glue for string.

Get lippy

Who said lipstick has to be a shade of pink, red or brown? Transform your pout into a work of art with temporary tattoos.

An explosion of colour

Embrace your inner Picasso, and use your face like a blank canvas. This is a great alternative to entering the witness protection program.

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Bright eyes

Use bold and vibrant colours to dramatically highlight your eyes. Opt for electric blues and sunset oranges, and get funky with your eyebrows.

Icing on the cake

Treat your eyes to a sugar rush. It will take a few half-baked attempts, but if you make a mistake, you can always sponge it off.

Out of this world

Reminiscent of Avatar, this sparkling midnight galaxy makeup created by Katie Alves was inspired by Jared Leto’s song “Up in the Air.” You might need to get up at midnight if you’re planning to rock this look.

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Fairy princess

Feel like fairy-tale royalty with a magical makeover guaranteed to add a splash of colour to your day.

Steampunk eyes

Science fiction with a twist of fantasy is the perfect mash-up for a radical look. Metallic buttons or small metal washers make great bling. Accentuate your eyes by keeping your hair off your face.

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