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Adulting: How much you should really spend on things

Whether you grew up with a “more is better” mindset or you just can’t shake your propensity to save money, chances are you’re like us and making some less-than-responsible choices with your money. We’re here to help — and to make fun of ourselves.

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Let’s face it: Sometimes shelling out serious dough for less product just doesn’t make sense. We’d all rather have more on-trend clothes or an easier dinner-making process. Just because we’re saving money or time, though, doesn’t mean it’s the most responsible decision. As grown-ups, it’s probably time we start figuring out where it’s a good idea to splurge.

Doing laundry vs. buying new clothes

Please tell us we’re not the only girls who have a freakish amount of underwear. When push comes to shove, we can carelessly toss our jeans, work pants or skirts and dress shirts all together into the washing machine. But underwear needs to be washed separately because it’s so high maintenance. Buying new is just easier. However, if we’re refusing to do laundry, then it’s probably better if we just learn to go commando.

Ryan Gosling
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$50 on organic groceries vs. $50 on cheap pizza and draft beer

Ordering pizza and driving through the carry-out for some beer is the easy solution for our night. After a long day at work, it makes sense to avoid sweating it out over the stove. Plus, if we use the oven, then where will we store our bread and chips? But what does that choice mean for our budget or our waistline? Imagine how much further you could stretch your groceries versus the pizza. Idea: Let’s make our own gluten-free pizzas with extra pineapple!

Leonardo DiCaprio

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Buying a new futon pad for your old futon vs. couch shopping

Couches are so expensive! Even the ones at Ikea seem out of our budget some months. But let’s face it: No one is comfortable sitting on that squeaking futon. It’s almost as sad as being invited over to a dude’s mom’s house to hang out.


Photo credit: The Big Bang Theory via YouTube

$100 on a fancy bottle of wine vs. $100 on 15 bottles of wine

This seems unfathomable, right? You probably bought that super-cute wine rack from Target’s latest seasonal section, and now you need to fill it. Plus, there’s this age-old saying: “Give a lady a bottle of wine, and get her drunk once, but give a girl 15 bottles of wine, and get her through the pay period.” We’d probably get more work done if we cut back, though. And even four bottles for $25 is a smarter choice than a whole cart of Three-buck Chuck. Plus, Ryan Gosling doesn’t need any alcohol to have fun anyway.

Ryan Gosling dancing, Remember the Titans
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Coachella tickets vs. new tires or brakes

Current debate: Which is more embarrassing? Being an adult hipster who can’t go to Shambhala, or pulling in to your office parking lot with the brakes squealing? So tough! But for the sake of our livelihood, we’ve decided to skip our festival rituals this year. Pretty sure we deserve a standing ovation.

Schmidt, New Girl
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$200 on a long-lasting peacoat vs. $60 for the boxy, cheaper-made version

Damn you, Old Navy! Every year they unleash another round of adorable, trendy winter coats in fun colours or plaids and with cute collar or cuff details to make them seem special. But how special is that coat when each local branch sold 20 more of the same one? With all our coupons, we might get it for only $30 — and we do. Year after year after year. A sturdily made peacoat at a higher price would probably last longer, though — and make us feel prettier.

Bradley Cooper
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Any amount for the perfect LBD vs. $20 each on three trendy maxis or minis

Speaking of clothes, we know you want to stay on trend. We get it. But we’re beginning to question whether spending hard-earned cash on multiple, cheaply made dresses is a good idea. They’ll either fall apart before the end of summer or be completely out of style by next year. Coco Chanel always said that every girl needs the perfect little black dress. Perhaps it’s time we take a cue from Holly Golightly and just go big or go home.

Audrey Hepburd, Breakfast at Tiffanys
Photo credit: Breakfast at Tiffany’s via YouTube

$40 a month to use a treadmill vs. $50 for the key to the gym at your apartment

Gyms are so dang expensive, and for what? To use the same equipment they have at the gym in our apartment complex? Sure, the machine might not be brand new, and no, there’s not as much eye candy, but it’s cheaper. And we don’t feel constantly judged by the gym rats. Just do all the judging on your own.

Old Spice Man
Photo credit: Old Spice via YouTube

$1,000 on a designer dog vs. $40-$80 on a older dog from a rescue

Labradoodles are so freaking cute. We’ve even picked out a name for our future designer dog too. However, we’re not dropping the dough on one any time soon. Right now, there are about a million other things we could use that money on (like everything else on this list). Plus, who has time to train a puppy? Channing suggests you save a stray instead.

channing tatum and cat
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If we’ve come off as preachy, we apologize. You’re an adult. Do what you want. But if you’re looking to make some better choices with your money, then we hope we’ve helped.

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