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A to Z of style

G = Girlie lace

G = Girlie lace |

Lace is a look that’s been in season for a while, probably since 2012. And it’s one that won’t be going anywhere — at least not any time soon. The fabric is all over everything, from dresses to cap-sleeve shirts. Pair with a full skirt (see previous page) for a look that’s uber-girlie or with leather pants if you want to create a look that’s got edge. (Club Monaco, $150)

H = Heroism

H = Heroism |

Maybe it’s because of X-Men: Days of Future Past or Star Wars or The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but fashion has fallen in love with the idea of splaying superhero-like prints and slogans across sweatshirts and tees. Go get ’em, girl! (ASOS, $103)

I = Iridescence

I = Iridescence |

Want to shimmer and shine this season? There is no better way than to wear an ensemble made of a fabric that will do just that. (ALDO Shoes, $50)

J = Jumpsuits

J = Jumpsuits |

Remember the ’70s when these onesies were all the rage? Yeah, well, they’re back, and they’re better and sexier than ever. Made of lightweight fabrics (at least for the most part), these getups will be fantastic for super-hot days when you’re not sure what to wear. They can even be worn to the office (just don with a blazer). (Forever 21, $34)

K = Knee-length skirts

K = Knee-length skirts |

It’s about time a reasonable — and flattering-on-everyone — skirt length became a trendy option for us ladies (see ya, mini!). (Old Navy, $30)

L = Logo tees

L = Logo tees |

It’s time to bust out any of those Gap 1969 and Club Monaco tees and sweatshirts you have lying around your closet, ’cause this summer is all about the comeback of the logo. Emblazon yourself in brand mentions or famous quotes and slogans to look on trend no matter what the circumstance. (Roots Canada, $34)

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