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Makeup tips for diamond-shaped faces

The diamond-shaped face is wide at the cheekbones and more narrow at the jawline and forehead. For a true, balanced diamond, you don’t need many makeup tricks: Your face shape is fabulous as it is. If the diamond shape is too dramatic, though — with a pointy chin and/or very narrow forehead — you can do some contouring to balance out your face shape.

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Contouring a diamond-shaped face

For diamond-shaped faces, the goal is to add fullness to both your jaw and your forehead while minimizing the width of your cheeks.

1. Use two shades of foundation

By using both light and dark shades of foundation, you can highlight and contour your diamond-shaped face to create a more balanced look.

“With a diamond-shaped face, you may want to reduce the width around the cheekbone line,” explains New York makeup artist Jessica Lauren. “To do so, two foundations should be used: one light and one darker. Apply darker, warmer foundation to areas you want to minimize (outside of the cheekbones). Apply the lighter foundation to the area you want to emphasize (chin and forehead).”

2. Soften your chin

Start by applying a dark shade of foundation (no more than two shades darker than your typical foundation) to just the tip of your chin to reduce its pointy appearance and create the illusion of a wider jaw. Then apply a small amount of the dark foundation near the temples, blending toward your hairline. Finally, use a highlighting product (or lighter foundation) along your jawline. Be sure to blend thoroughly: You shouldn’t be able to tell where one foundation colour ends and the other begins.

3. Pick the right blush

Do not apply your blush in the hollows underneath your cheekbones but on the apples of your cheeks instead. Use a tawny peach/brown blush rather than a light or bright pink shade. Avoid blushes that are shiny or illuminating. You don’t want to make your cheeks look any fuller.

4. Set apart the brows

To widen the appearance of your forehead, your brows should be groomed slightly apart from centre. Also, follow your natural brow line — do not create a dramatic arch. This will help your eyes (and your forehead) appear a little wider.

5. Stick to your natural lip line

When applying your lip liner, follow the natural line of your lips. You don’t want your lips to appear too wide, as this might make your chin look even thinner. Use a matte lipstick in a neutral shade rather than a bright or glossy lip colour.

6. Don’t forget about your hair

If you have a diamond-shaped face, you should also consider your hairstyle. Short hairstyles aren’t the best choice for you. Instead, consider a modified bob that falls just below your jawline.

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