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The best makeup methods for brown eyes are surprisingly easy

Living life as a brown-eyed girl has its advantages. First and maybe most important of all, brown eyes are considered to be the most versatile of all eye colors. And let’s not forget that it might be the brown-eyed girls who really have the most fun. What I found most interesting about the brown eye color during my time spent working as an aesthetician and wedding makeup artist is that you never know what you’re going to get. Brown can range in intensity with almost limitless color inflections in each shade, from light to deep to somewhere in between.

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Brown is also a hue that does not have a complementary or opposite companion on the color wheel. This means that if you happen to be the proud owner of a pair of brown peepers, most, if not all, eye makeup colors will look great on you.

If you’re looking for some helpful tips to enhance your beautiful browns, you’ve come to the right place. I consulted with a few of my beauty industry friends to come up with the best ways to play up your doe-eyed features:

1. Avoid brown on brown

Brown eyes do pair with almost any color on the color wheel, with the exception of a direct color match. I advise my brown-eyed clients to steer clear of an identical shadow shade that can dull brown eyes, and Jennifer Trotter of Lip Service Makeup, pro makeup artist and beauty expert, agrees. She says, “If you have brown eyes and like a natural look, stick to neutrals but steer clear of matte, brown shadows that match your eye shade — they’ll look flat. Pick formulas with subtle shimmer (not glitter), and these shades will make your eyes light up!”

Smokey brown eyes look best in shades of deep charcoal or navy, Trotter says.

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2. Go for the gold

Brown eyes work well with most eyeshadow colors, but there’s one special shade that can bring out any brown in a pinch. Huda Kattan, Beauty Expert and Founder of Huda Beauty, says, “Golds are a must! They enhance browns so beautifully — eyeshadows and inner liner.” Along with gold, Kattan suggests, “Pink shimmers. Pink and rose gold glitter can be warm and can add such a beautiful and trendy appeal!”

And whether your big brown eyes are like liquid pools of chocolate or are a little more amber-toned, you’ve probably noticed a few surprising hints of color hiding inside. Chelsa Crowley, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Stowaway Cosmetics, advises, “Bring out golden flecks in your brown eyes by using bronzed or gold eyeshadows.”

3. Highlight, highlight, highlight

Even with a new and fresh eyeshadow shade to draw out your beautiful browns, your eyes may still benefit from a boost. At times like these, I recommend a quick sweep of highlighter to open up the face. Applying an eye lightener or highlighter over the eyelid and directly under the eyebrows will naturally (and subtly) bring attention to your best feature.

4. Try a different eyeliner

You’ve always wanted to experiment outside of your standard black, and now you have the perfect excuse. Crowley recommends all other shades of eyeliner aside from black for the brown-eyed beauty, including brown, plum and even green. “These shades will still define your eyes without the harshness,” she explains.

If you’ve never tried it before, I also suggest adding white eyeliner to your beauty toolkit. Pairing white liner with metallics or even a solid gold, as Kattan mentioned, can make browns look even bolder in comparison.

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5. Line the top only

“Speaking of liner, skip lining your bottom lash line. Keeping the liner on the top lid helps open up your eyes for that gorgeous doe-eyed look,” Crowley says. Liquid eyeliner especially is best only used on the top lid since it can look harsh and over-done when lining the entire eye.

6. Put on the finishing touches

Now we’re getting to the fun part. Once you’ve chosen the right eyeshadow shade and liner to best complement your natural browns, you’re ready for the icing on the cake — or rather, the cheeks and the lips. “If you’re a brunette with pale skin and brown eyes, don’t forget rosy tones for cheeks and lips. You’ll risk looking washed out without it. Brunette with brown eyes and deep skin tones? Play with warm caramel tones and golds — the bronze goddess look works on you. Brown-eyed blonde? Experiment. A variety of color palettes will work on you,” Trotter says.

Kattan adds, “I feel like women with brown eyes usually opt for nude lips, but a beautiful red can go a long way. Keep your makeup simple, focus on the glow and eyebrows and add a universal red, and you are good!”

For brown-eyed ladies of all skin tones, Trotter reminds us not to forget the very last step: Applying a glossy black mascara or false eyelashes can frame your browns and create balance with the deep tones of each unique hue.

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