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“Green” vibrators and other easy ways to be more eco-friendly

From using an eco-vibrator to embracing Meatless Mondays, there are several simple things you can do to live a greener life.

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Don’t rinse

One of the easiest ways to save the planet is to cut back on your water consumption. The simplest way to do that is to skip rinsing your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. You’ll even save time by bypassing the step.


Turn off computers at night

We know you might leave electronics plugged in overnight to “get a full charge,” but you can save several watts of energy just by unplugging them before you hit the hay.


Use fewer paper towels

Apparently we use nearly six paper napkins every day. If we all used one piece less, 571,230,000 pounds of paper would be saved.


Skip preheating

Studies have shown that cooking food in a preheated oven is, well, kind of useless. So skip this step to save some energy.


Enjoy Meatless Mondays

You’ve heard all the reasons why going vegetarian one day a week is good for your health, but skipping chicken, beef, pork, etc. will also save the environment. It’s estimated that 55 square feet of forest is destroyed to make room for enough cattle to make one hamburger.


Ban the hot cycle

The amount of energy used to get your washing machine’s water temp to hot is over the top (which means your energy bill will be über pricey). Don’t believe us? Check out this mind-blowing chart.


Get savvy when showering

Taking a hot shower is a great way to relax after a hard week, but most of the water you use gets wasted (how much of the stream actually hits your body?). Consider showering with your partner or washing off in shorter spurts.

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Combine errands

You might feel like you’re accomplishing more by hitting the grocery store on Monday and the dry cleaner’s on Tuesday, but unless you’re walking to each outlet, you’re actually burning a ton of gas. By lumping your errands together, you’ll cut back on trips to and from your home as well as the harmful chemicals that spew into the environment.


Get cruising

Do you drive on the highway regularly? If so, you can get up to 15 per cent better mileage by switching on cruise control.


Recycle electronics and batteries

Companies are making it easier for you to return old or useless gadgets so they can be recycled. Some even offer incentives to do so. (See Apple.)


Recycle hangers

Who knew you could recycle wire hangers? Well, you can. Dry cleaners will reuse them if you drop them off at their store. Ingenius!


Refuse junk mail

The coupons! The flyers! The stuff you don’t need! The average person receives 41 pounds of junk mail each year. That equals the destruction of 100 million trees. Slash unwanted flyers, and you’ll help combat deforestation.


Use matches

Fact: Matches are better for the environment. Not only will they decompose if you let them burn, but lighters can’t be recycled (so they end up in landfills), and they burn fuel (which spews toxic chemicals into the air).


Fly with your phone

More and more airlines are hopping aboard the paperless train by creating apps that allow customers to e-check in to a flight.


Get digital

The more you do online — from banking to learning how to cook (skipping cookbooks) to even downloading software — the more packaging you’ll save.


Buy an eco-vibrator

Did you know some of the plastics used in vibrators can be harmful for the environment and your health? Crazy, right? Next time you look into buying a sex toy, reach for one that contains no phthalates or BPA.

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