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Beauty products you can steal from your pets

Ever wonder if the items you use on your favourite furry one could benefit your hair or skin? Contemplate the question no more! These products are sensitive enough to use on your pooch and can help you revamp your beauty regime.

Sensational shampoo

Mane N' Tail shampoo |

Who would have known a horse shampoo like Mane ‘n Tail would become a coveted beauty staple for so many celebrities? This brand is used on many high-maintenance heads and is touted for its concentration of nutrients and emollients. (, $9)

Mega moisturizer

Burt's bees soothing skin cream |

Even pets need an added moisturizer hit every now and then! This Burt’s Bees Soothing Skin Cream, with its blend of eucalyptus oil and honey, is great for calming skin irritations and leaving skin moisturized and hydrated. Use it on cracked heels or dried-out elbows. (, $12)

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Mane manager

Martha Stewart comb |

Long, curly or unruly locks are no match for this comb from Martha Stewart. Made of stainless steel, it will easily and quickly glide through mangled mats, untangling them and leaving hair feeling smooth. (, $12)

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Fantastic filer

Oster nail grinder |

Not a fan of regular nail files? This electronic Oster Professional Nail Grinder Kit — made for trimming your dog’s tips — will help you smooth out the cracks and chips that can form on anyone’s pointers. As a bonus, the filer can be used to smooth out rougher-than-rough heels. (, $55)

When on the run

Keep your hands clean and your gadgets germ free with the help of these handy puppy wipes from Nature’s Miracle. Made to deodorize a dog’s skin and for removing dirt or dander from a wee one’s hair, they’re great for tossing in a bag for on-the-go cleansing emergencies. As a bonus, they won’t dry skin out — they’re completely alcohol free. (, $12)

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Nature's miracle deodorizing wipes |

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