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8 Things you aren’t buying online but should be

We’d argue that it’s better to buy just about anything online. No lineups, no crowded parking lots, no pushy salespeople, and you can shop any time you want, whether that be at 6 a.m. or midnight. You likely already buy things like shoes, clothes or books online, but there are some less common items we think everyone should be shopping for online. Whether for the savings or for the convenience, consider adding these things to your online shopping lists.


Pet products

Puppy and kitten |

Everything from pet food to pet medicine can be purchased online, which is not only convenient, but it can save you money too. If your pet has special dietary needs, a wide variety of options is available online that you might not find in the pet stores. Sites like Amazon have a selection of dog food and even an auto-ship option so you don’t have to worry about ordering each month. Online pet pharmacies can link up with your vet and send routine medicine like heartworm pills straight to you, which can save you a trip to the vet.



Garden with tulips |

It might seem odd to order plants online, but if you have a big gardening job to do or you want something in particular, online nurseries are the way to go. Sites like Spring Garden have the option to look up your growing zone so you know which plants will thrive in your environment and even when you should plant them. Plants are often of better quality, and they are typically shipped only when they are ready to plant. Skip the dried-up bulbs that have been sitting on a store shelf for months, and order bulbs or even live trees online.



Baby playing with diapers |

Diapers are expensive, and babies go through them more quickly than you think. Buying diapers in bulk online can save you big bucks, and you can get them delivered to your door without ever having to leave home. Sites with quick-shipping options like Amazon are perfect for moms who have a sick baby or are just busy and don’t have time to make a special trip out for diapers. Baby necessities in general are often less expensive online, so consider browsing for supplies, and you might just be surprised with what you find.



Row of red wines |

Could anything be more glorious than wine delivered to your doorstep? We don’t think so. Online wine clubs, like Wine Collective, are becoming more and more popular, which means you can get a selection of wine each month for a great price. The upside is you can usually find varietals that are not as common or that you might not typically buy. Wine is often less expensive online as well, especially if you enroll in a regular-shipment option.


Home decor

Living room interior |

Are you looking for something unique for your home? Look online. You can find everything from furniture to light fixtures online, and often you can find them at a better price. Many stores also have a larger inventory online than what they can feasibly carry in the store, but you can still return items to the store if they don’t work out. If you want something specific, searching online can save you the effort of driving from store to store just to find that perfect pink rug.


clearance clothing

Rack of clothing |

You might already be purchasing clothing online, but the best deals are in the clearance sections. At storefront locations, the clearance section is typically filled with extra-smalls, triple Xs or only the items no one wants to buy anyway. That’s because stores get only a small selection of each size and style, and the popular items go fast. Online, the store has a whole warehouse of sizes and styles, so you can usually find what you’re looking for at a deep discount.


Beauty supplies

Beauty supplies |

Everything from razor blades to mascara can be purchased online, and you might find much better deals. In addition, stores like Sephora offer free samples with orders so you can try products before you buy them. Online stores are much more likely to have gift sets or combo packages that allow you to try several products at once.



Woman using computer |

Consider shopping for televisions, computers and various technical gadgets online instead of in the big-box stores. Many online stores offer price-matching options and even a price guarantee for a certain period, so if the item goes on sale, you get money back. You can also compare prices more easily and shop around until you find the best deal. The price of electronics can fluctuate greatly, so consider tracking an item you are interested in for a while, and buy it as soon as the price drops.

Online shopping tips

  • Look for sites that offer free shipping or a small flat rate shipping. If you have to spend a certain amount to get free shipping, consider getting friends or family members involved instead of buying things you don’t really need.
  • If you shop online frequently look into MasterPass by MasterCard. Not only does MasterPass make online shopping more secure, but it makes the process quick and easy too by storing all of your information in a secure wallet.
  • Only shop on trusted sites. Be wary of sites that look strange or that you are unfamiliar with. Be careful with international orders, especially if the retailer is an individual as opposed to an established company.

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