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How to make your eyes look bigger

Unhappy with your eyes? Want bigger, drop-dead gorgeous bedroom eyes? Keep reading, because we have all the professional tips you need to transform your eyes from everyday to amazing.

Makeup magic
Woman applying mascarra |
There’s an art to making your eyes look bigger, and we were determined to find out how to get those popping eyes that men find oh so attractive. We talked to professional makeup artist Bridget Bremner and bribed her into revealing her top eye makeup secrets.

With a background in film, television and weddings, Bremner is an expert in her field, and with her handy tricks of the trade, you can transform your eyes just like a professional can.

“The main things to remember when you are trying to make your eyes look bigger with makeup is that darker colours close in the eye area by absorbing the light, whereas lighter colours reflect the light and maximize the eye size,” Bremner says.

Tricks for enlarging the appearance of your eyes


Neutrals and reflectives

The first step is to use a light neutral matte or reflective eyeshadow all over the eye lid.

Trucco reflective eyeshadow |
Trucco reflective eyeshadow (, $17)
Cybervixen metallic eyeshadow crayon |
Cyber Vixen metallic eyeshadow crayon with reflective illuminating pigments (, $15)

Shape and define

Crease enhancing |

Apply a darker colour into the crease — only in a crescent shape. This creates shape and definition but doesn’t close the eye too much. Make sure to blend it well with a blending brush — think of a sunrise, dark fading out to light.



Eyeliner top lid |

Apply dark eyeliner along the top lash line. This can go from the inner corner to the outer, but make sure the inner eye side is thin and gradually builds to a slightly thicker outside corner.


Smudge and smoke

Smokey eyeliner|

Depending on the exact look you’re after and the age of your eyes, you can opt for a smokier look. To do this, use either an eye pencil smudged slightly or an eyeshadow applied with an angled brush. For a sharper, more defined finish, use a liquid or gel liner, but this is more suitable if you’re under 30.

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Liner mirage

Quarter lash line |

This is where you can instantly make your eyes bigger. Apply the liner along the bottom lash line from the outer corner only to about a quarter of the way in. Avoid stopping halfway, as that gives the appearance of cutting your eye in half. If and only if you have good-size eyes should you draw the line all the way to the inner corner.



Mascara |

Lastly, finish with mascara. “I recommend applying to both top and bottom lashes to really open the eyes up,” Bremner says.


Extra lashes

Flare lashes |

If you want to go the extra mile, apply individual flare lashes to the outer corners of the top lashes. Applying three to four clumps per side gives a lovely subtle yet “va-va-voom” look.


Maintain your brows

One finished eye |

Another great tip for enlarging your eyes is to keep well-maintained, well-shaped eyebrows. If you have a professional shape them for you, then they won’t take off too much, and it really opens up the face and eye area.

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Photos courtesy of Bridget Bremner and Image Source / Photodisc / Getty Images

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