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How to make your butt and thighs look smaller

The one question your partner dreads hearing the most is, “Does my bum look big in this?” There is only one answer you want to hear, and that’s, “Of course not, darling!”

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With our top tricks for disguising the size of your buns and thighs, you can reduce the appearance of your booty and not have to rely on anyone else’s opinion.

Attention: Good news for those of you with big bums. Harvard Medical School released findings that suggest having a plus-size backside is extremely healthy and can aid in warding off health issues like diabetes and heart disease. In fact, it’s much healthier to store your fat in your bum than around your middle. But if you are super blessed in the bootylicious department, that news isn’t going to sway you in your mission to reduce your girth since birth. So we’ve rounded up the top tips to help you reduce the sizable appearance of your butt and thighs without having to do any exercise.

Invest in shapewear

Thigh-slimming, butt-enhancing shapewear is a girl’s best friend. Wearing firm control shapewear can be slightly more uncomfortable, but you drop a whole dress size and lose inches in seconds. Who cares if you can’t breathe? You’re instantly skinnier. Medium control and light control still help smooth out those unwanted lady lumps but are more suitable and comfortable for daily wear. Save the firm control for those extra-special occasions.

Bronze up

When beach weather arrives and you’re off to show off your new string bikini, give your legs and butt cheeks a bit of colour. Being tanned will give your thighs and butt cheeks the appearance of being smaller. If you can’t afford self-tanning products or a spray tan, then applying even a bit of bronzing powder will be better than glow-in-the-dark white.

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Do it with denim

Many ladies shy away from wearing jeans when they consider themselves to be overly blessed in the backside department. But denim jeans are an essential fashion item. They’re comfortable, great for bumming around at home, or you can dress them up for a night on the town. When purchasing the perfect pair of jeans to camouflage your derriere, keep these fashion tips in mind:

  • Beware of small back pockets. Tiny pockets can give the illusion that the surface area of your butt is larger than it actually is.
  • Avoid jeans with rounded rear pockets, as these will make your tush look bigger.
  • Stay away from distressed denim, particularly if it’s on the buttocks region. It’s like taking a spotlight and shining them on your cheeks. Dark denim in a solid colour will be more flattering.
  • Embellishments on the back, like embroidery, logos or studs, will draw attention to your bum.

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Alternatively, you could learn to love what your mama gave you and embrace your womanly butt like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé do.

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