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How to hide your belly fat

“Congratulations! You must be about three months?” Uh, no, I’m just fat! It’s a food baby! If you’re the not-so-proud owner of an overhanging muffin top or a flabby stomach, we’ve got the top tips on how to disguise your belly fat.

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Invest in shapewear

Can we hear a “hallelujah” for industrial-strength nana knickers? Girls, these are your best friend. Shapewear might have a reputation for being a passion killer, but no one is going to know what’s underneath your clothes. They smooth, they flatten, and they save you the trouble of spending all night trying to suck in your gut. If date night turns racy, you can always excuse yourself and go to the bathroom to “freshen up,” and then whip them off and stuff them in your handbag.

What do you need to know before you buy shapewear?

Don’t attempt to squeeze yourself into a size that’s one too small. Instead of smoothing things out, it will have a ripple effect and create lumps and bumps in other areas.

What if you will be wearing white?

Choose nude, natural or beige shapewear, such as these Wacoal Cool Definition Hi Waist Briefs. (, $48)

Nude tummy tamer |

How do you know what type of control to choose?

It really depends on what you want the shapewear to achieve. For the non-visible panty (NVP) and to hide bulges, you can get away with wearing a light control garment. Medium control will aid in firming up your flubbery bits and stop them from wobbling. Both light control and medium control are great for everyday wear, and you’ll find them reasonably comfortable. Firm control is for those extra-special occasions, like weddings or super-hot dates. They can be quite uncomfortable, but the silver lining is that you can go down a dress size.

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Dress to disguise your spare tire

Choose dresses and tops with empire waists and in fabrics that don’t cling to your love handles.

Empire dress |
Empire dress
(, $92)
Piazza Maxi dress |
Maxi dress
(, $44)
Torrid empire top |
Pin dot lace empire top (, $39)

Choose high-waisted jeans. Low-riders won’t give you the tummy-flattening support you need.
Choose a straight cut or boot leg and a dark denim.

Reitmans jeans |
Curvy straight leg jeans (, $54)
Maurices jeans |
Dark wash jeans
(, $49)
Sarah the bay jeans |
Basic boot cut jeans with lift-tuck technology to help flatten the tummy
(, $185)

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Put “the girls” on display

Another way to disguise belly fat is to enhance your two best assets — your boobs. The bigger they look, the more they will detract from your tummy. The trick to doing this is to make sure you have the right size bra, one that’s going to lift and say, “Here I am, look at me!” Magic inflatable bra pads can transform you up a cup size in just seconds. (, $19)

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