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No-cost Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him

Valentine’s Day gifts don’t have to break the bank. In fact, there are many ways to show the person you love how special they are. We share a few fun, romantic ways to show him you care — without spending a cent.

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Create a photo album

Think about all of the photos you have on your phone of your significant other. Sure, you’ve posted some of them to Facebook and Instagram, but why not use them to create a romantic gesture for Valentine’s Day? Choose the ones that mean the most, and print them out. Then find a photo album or even an empty notebook — whatever you have lying around — glue or tape the photos inside, and include funny captions and anecdotes he’ll get a kick out of. You can also incorporate other memorabilia, like ticket stubs and postcards.

Plan a surprise romantic picnic

It might not be picnic weather, but you can still recreate the experience at home. While your partner is out of the house, use that time to put together an at-home picnic, complete with blanket and cushions on the floor, candles, a bottle of wine and some simple but tasty picnic foods. We suggest bread and some cheeses, a few salads, chocolate-covered strawberries (or other chocolate dessert), dips and crackers. Have everything set up for right before he’s due to walk in the door.

Put together a playlist

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Long gone are the days of “mixed tapes,” but you can still give your guy a no-cost gift of love by making him a playlist of songs you know he’ll enjoy or that mean something to the two of you. Include some notes with the playlist, explaining why you chose each tune and what it says about how you feel about him or how he makes you feel.

Give him a “get out of jail free” card

Every couple argues, and everyone wants to be right. Give your valentine his very own “get out of jail free” card, which entitles him to hand it over the next time he wants to wiggle out of an argument. Obviously this won’t apply to serious discussions that need to be had, but he can use the card for more trivial arguments — like when you’re trying to decide who gets control of the remote or where to order takeout from.

Get creative with DIY “love” coupons

Get out some paper, a pen and a pair of scissors to create love coupons for your valentine. Use your imagination when coming up with what each coupon offers. You can include anything from massages to an offer to cook a favourite meal — whatever you think he would love. Staple your coupons together, and pop them into an envelope for a fun, no-cost way to show you care.

Put together a spa day

Spas can be expensive, but you can easily create a spa experience at home with what you already have. Draw your sweetie a bubble bath, and have body scrub and body lotion ready to really pamper him. Light some candles around the bath, and play some soft music. Afterward, give him a massage. If you don’t have massage oil, then any good-quality oil will do, such as extra-virgin olive oil or unrefined coconut oil.

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