DIY Valentine’s Day gifts

You both have likely just shed those holiday pounds, so avoid giving the traditional box of chocolates, and gain a little creativity this Valentine’s Day!

Valentines craft materials |

Coupon queen

Coupon queen |

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Get in on the couponing craze. Make a massage certificate for your other half. It doesn’t have to be very elaborate either. Give it that homemade look by writing it out by hand on a piece of paper, or opt for a more official look, and type it up on your computer. If you’re feeling generous this year, compile a coupon book, and throw in a homemade dinner — and maybe even a few X-rated options.

The notebook

Notebook |

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With Instagram, Facebook and digital access to a world of photos, printing pictures seems to fall by the wayside. Kick it old school, and prepare a scrapbook for your beloved. Document your relationship with photos, movie stubs, travel tickets — you name it. Gather all the mementos you can find, and relive your memories one page at a time. It also makes for a great coffee table book.

Set the mood

Set the mood candle |

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Your partner lights up your life, and now is the time to make your love shine. You’ll need a nail, a hammer and an empty tin can for your personalized candle holder. Remove the label from the can, or paint over the existing label. Using a pencil, trace whatever form you choose; a heart or your initial plus your significant other’s works nicely. Then place the nail on the line, and gently hammer until you penetrate the can. Leave a few millimetres between perforations to achieve this look.

Make your own vase

Decorated vase |

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Mason jar |

Flowers, while not necessary, are usually appreciated. They brighten up a room and add a nice element to your decor. This year, let the vase be the centre of attention by personalizing a vessel. Using a glue gun, or coloured glue pen write a word, or create a design onto a bottle for an embossed look. For a better finish, paint the entire bottle with a brush, or for better coverage, use spray paint to coat your new vase.

Coffee mate

Personalized coffee cup |

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You don’t need to spend hours at a ceramic café, creating an exclusive cup. Simply buy a plain mug, have a Sharpie marker on hand, and preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. Scribble your note onto the mug, and place it in the oven for 30 minutes. Skip the sugar with your caffeine, because this mug has all the sweetness you need.

Will you beer mine?

Beer valentines |

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Revamp his or her favourite six-pack of beer or soda. Paste over the label with your own signature branding, and feel free to peruse these pint-sized puns. Go ahead and redecorate the box too. If your sweetheart isn’t a lager lover, then a bottle of wine, spirits or any non-alcohol vial will work just as well. Sit back, and sip on your unique brew together.

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