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Forget the pen and paper! Unique love note ideas

With the invention of email and texting, the love note is a dying art. We’re turning back the clock and going retro. It’s time to revive the good old-fashioned love note with a modern twist.


A “grande” way
to say I love you

Coffee valentine |

Waiting for your crush to wake up and realize you have feelings? Try espresso-ing yourself by making the first move with a caffeine hit from Starbucks. All you need to do is graffiti your takeout cups. You’ll be “soy” glad you did.

Photo credit: Jacejudith / Flickr

Sweet treats for
your babycakes

Cupcake valentines |

The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so mini cupcakes with sugary sentiments like “Be mine” and “Kiss me” are a sweet way to express your love.

Photo credit:

Pin it

Peg it |

Get crafty with the plain old wooden clothespin. All you need is a little creative thinking, coloured card stock and glue. Pin them to items around the house or in the car for your partner to find.

Photo credit: Inspired by Familia


Bananagrams |

Easy-to-make bananagrams are an embarrassingly cute way to slip an “I love you” note into your husband’s lunch or the kids’ school lunches. Simply etch into the banana skin with a pencil, and it will turn black.

Photo credit: Beth from Free Stylin’

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirror writing |

Mirrors are a great place to leave love notes. Scrawl your message in removable marker or lipstick (but be sure to use a cheap one, not your favourite Chanel brand), try eyeliner, or use your finger in a steamy bathroom mirror.

Photo credit:

Spell it with Scrabble

Scrabble love |

Get creative with Scrabble tiles. There are plenty of short sentences you can spell out from the letters, like “Forever mine” and “Be mine tonight.”

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Potty about love

Toilet paper love |

Unravel a roll of toilet paper, and scrawl love notes on the tear-off squares. Roll it back up, and leave it in the bathroom for your loved one to find.


Get original with origami

Heart origami |

Use the traditional Japanese art of folding paper to share your love. All you need are coloured squares of paper, origami instructions and patience.


Spell it in fridge magnets

Fridge magnets |

Have fun with brightly coloured fridge magnet letters. If you’ve got kids, they’re great for teaching them how to spell, but you can also leave some naughty (or thoughtful) messages for your darling.


Hidden collar stays

Collar stays |

Forget slipping a note into his lunch box; do it with a stainless steel collar stay, with six flirty ways to let your man know you’re thinking of him. (, $32)


Go Post-it note crazy

Go post-it note crazy |

Surprise your partner by wallpapering the room with wall-to-wall Post-it notes. All you need is a marker and a pad of Post-its.

Photo credit: Joe Freeman / Flickr

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Surprise love notes

Surprise love notes |

Hide hundreds of little messages around the house, attached to appliances, inside toilet rolls, in shoes, stuck to TV remotes, in the closet, etc. Your partner will probably stumble across them for years to come.

Photo credit: Madlyinlovewithlife / Flickr

Love heart Post-it notes

Grab a pair of scissors, and cut your Post-it notes into love hearts before decorating the front of his office with hundreds of tiny pink hearts. Alternatively you can use the idea to try to save your favourite restaurant, like the one pictured here. The Camellia Grill in New Orleans closed down after Hurricane Katrina. In an attempt to get it reopened, loyal lovers leave love notes, so you don’t just have to love on that special person.

Photo credit: Derek Bridges / Flickr
Love heart post-it notes |

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