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Valentine’s gift ideas for the person who has everything else

Chocolates, flowers and cards… boring, boring, boring! Think outside the box this Valentine’s with these novel gift ideas.

Avengers Iron Man Magtitan Neo power band |

Avengers’ Iron Man Magtitan Neo power band

Your sci-fi geek can embrace his wannabe superhero manliness with a replica titanium-and-carbon-fibre power band, just like Tony Stark wears in Iron Man. (, $199)

Human Body parts jewellery |

Human body parts jewellery

You can say “I love you tooth the moon and back,” and give your guy an actual piece of you with jewellery made from your teeth or hair. Aussie jewellery designer Polly van der Glas will give you a discount if you provide your own teeth. (, $495)

Bacon body wash |

Bacon body wash

Provided your man isn’t a vegetarian or animal rights activist, he will love smelling like his favourite breakfast food with bacon body wash. (, $8)

The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm |

The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm

The A to Z guide for guys who think they are better and smarter than the rest of us, written by the vice president of the National Sarcasm Society. (, $11)

PLAiR 2 |


Transform your TV into an Android TV. All your partner has to do is upload apps to the PLAiR 2 device to enjoy Spotify, Movie Planet or even Angry Birds on the big screen. (, $49)

Tic Tac Toe shot game |

Tic-tac-toe shot game

Noughts and Crosses has never been so much fun. It comes with mini beer mugs and a game board. (, $18)

Custom sand imprint flip flops |

Custom sand imprint flip-flops

“Follow me, bring beer” flips-flops leave a trail of imprints in the sand so his friends know where to bring the free beer. (, $25)

Dr Who Dalek projection alarm clock |

Dr. Who Dalek projection alarm clock

Dr. Who fans will love waking up to the sound of a Dalek gun or hover sound effects. The time is displayed by projection, making this alarm clock the ultimate gift for your guy. (, $53)

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Wi-Fi light up T-shirt |

Wi-Fi light-up T-shirt

Get him the T- shirt that lights up to let him know when he can pick up a good Wi-Fi signal and connect to the internet. (, $25)

Instant underpants |

Instant underpants

In case of an emergency, like an unexpected fart that’s, um, not really a fart after all, there’s nothing like having a pair of instant underpants — just add water. Every man needs a pair. (, $5)

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Human powered hydrofoil |

Human-powered hydrofoil

The Aquaskipper gives you a workout while flying across the water at up to 17 miles per hour. With the warmer months just around the corner, this is a super-cool idea for the active guy or girl in your life. (, $495)

Sony SmartWatch |

Sony SmartWatch

Everything he needs is now at his fingertips. With the Sony SmartWatch, he can read text messages, download apps or even check Facebook. (, $150)

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