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Amy Adams is already our style favourite for 2014

From Canada with love. Amy Adams is turning out to be a beautiful elf of fashion, hitting us with her best shot every time she walks the red carpet.

Amy Adams

As if Thursday’s Academy Awards nominee announcement was not emotional enough, the 2014 Critics’ Choice Awards were presented on the same day… 

The awards were handed out to pretty much the same selection of stars as the Golden Globes, with a few minor alterations (Lupita Nyong’o beat Jennifer Lawrence for Best Supporting Actress — holla!). But you know what really captivated us that evening?

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Amy Adams. Yes, the beautiful, fire-headed actress forced our jaws to drop to the floor at the speed of light… The hot pink gown, reminiscent of American Hustle co-star Jennifer Lawrence’s gown at the 2011 SAG awards, was perfect. And, surprisingly enough, it did not clash with her red hair. She looked so gorgeous we wanted to weep.

Which brings us to our next point: Adams is already becoming our style icon for this year despite stepping out on the red carpet only a handful of times. Her fashion choices thus far have been spot on and quite bold. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

71st Annual Golden Globes

Amy Adams

Boom! Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. The deep cut, the dual red, the fabric, the hair… It’s all flawless. Be honest, does she look like a 39-year-old mom? Maybe a hot mamasita. Love. Love. And love.

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25th Anniversary Palm Springs International Film Festival

Amy Adams

Look! She can also look adorable. Rocking a darker dress, Adams added some whimsy with a cute polka dot pattern. Her hair looks beautiful up and brings more focus to her face. If we could borrow anything from her stunning closet, this dress would be it.

We’re only two weeks into the new year, and Adams is already on fire. We cannot wait to see what she will choose for the Academy Awards red carpet… It will be a doozy! Which look is your favourite?

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