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24 Things you should be able to do


Negotiate a better deal when
shopping for major appliances

Woman negotating appliance deal |

Need to buy a washing machine or a new TV? There are ways around paying full price; you just have to know how to negotiate.

How to score a bargain

  • Do your research online, and know your prices.
  • Be polite to the salesperson (a little flirting won’t go astray).
  • Haggle on the price by asking them if that’s the best deal they can give you.
  • Find out the lowest price they can do if you pay in cash.
  • Make an excuse as to why you need to leave the store (you have to check your bank account, consult with your imaginary husband, etc.), but before you leave, ask them to write the quote on the back of a business card.
  • Go to your next store, find a salesperson, and show them the card with the quote. Say to them, for example, “This is what Home Depot can do for me. What’s your best price?”
  • One of two things will happen: They will either provide you with a better price or tell you sorry, they can’t match the price you have. If they offer you a better price, ask them to write it on a card, return to your original store, and repeat. This exercise can be a little time consuming, but it can save you hundreds of dollars.

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