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24 Things you should be able to do


Dine alone at a restaurant

Woman dining alone |

OK, no one likes to dine alone if they can help it. You know people at the next table are looking at you like you’re a loser and wondering if you’ve been stood up or just don’t have any friends. However, when you’re in a foreign country on your own or live by yourself, dining alone can be unavoidable.

Tips for eating at a restaurant by yourself

  • Choose a restaurant with a bar area, where you can opt to eat at the bar or at a table. You’re more likely to be able to start chatting with someone if you’re feeling lonely.
  • Take a book or magazine to read, or people-watch. You can turn the people-watching into a game, where you try to imagine their situation. For example, a sour-faced lady attending a birthday party with a happy young couple might be the ex-wife who is at her child’s birthday under duress.
  • If you’re ballsy and talking to people at the bar, announce that you are dining alone, and ask if they’d mind if you join them. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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