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Score a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday becoming so popular, it’s hard to pass up the amazing deals that come with these American shopping holidays. Luckily the deals are making their way to Canada, meaning you can save big without leaving the country or even your home!

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Get ready to save big!

Many consumers, particularly in America, consider Black Friday and Cyber Monday the kick-off to the holiday shopping season. The infamous day after American Thanksgiving is filled with shopping frenzy, all for the sake of a good deal. There’s a reason people camp out overnight outside stores — you can save major cash! Black Friday has spurred the sister holiday Cyber Monday, as consumers continue to spend more and more money online. Luckily for us, the Black Friday craze is making its way to Canada, so now we can save big on toys, electronics and everything else in between.

Can you save as much online?

Many retailers now offer comparable deals online, allowing Canadian shoppers to take advantage of deep discounts without leaving their home. Shopping from home also means you’ll save time and money that would have otherwise been used for travel. Canadians are embracing online shopping — and cash-back shopping in particular — which is helping to fuel the popularity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday within Canada. According to research from, a popular cash-back shopping site, 77 per cent of consumers have purchased something online within the past year, and 32 per cent say they are spending more online now than they have in previous years. All that shopping gives retailers further incentive to lure you in with good deals and to stand out from their competition.

Which retailers are most likely to offer the best deals?

Keep your eyes peeled for amazing Black Friday deals from Hudson’s Bay, Old Navy Canada, Indigo, Lenovo, Walmart and hundreds more. Shoppers can get further savings by shopping through sites like, which offers further incentives and savings on top of what the stores are already offering.

Tips for getting the best deals

If you want to take advantage of the best savings, start planning. Many retailers have limits on the items sold at deep discounts, and such items frequently sell out in a matter of minutes. Electronics tend to be some of the most popular items and offer some of the best discounts, so if you want to get your hands on a new TV or computer, prepare to hit the stores or websites early. Prioritize the gifts or items you want to buy, and try to get your hands on those items first.

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