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Gifts that give back

Get into the spirit of giving this season by choosing gifts that give back. Each product in this selection donates proceeds to various charities, making them gifts you’ll feel great about giving.

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LUSH Cosmetics Charity Pot

The LUSH Charity Pot is a limited-edition product available only during the holiday season. Since its launch in 2007, sales of Charity Pots have raised over $2.8 million to support charities in 30 countries. The product itself is a rich, creamy hand and body lotion made with fair trade cocoa butter, almond oil and ylang-ylang. LUSH Charity Pots are available online or in LUSH stores, and they retail from $6 to $23, depending on the size, but 100 per cent of what you pay for the product (excluding tax) goes to grassroots charities, primarily in the areas of environment, animal protection and human rights.

Same Sky jewellery

Same Sky trains African women living in poverty to become artisans in jewellery-making so that they can become self-sufficient. And it’s working — women participating in this program are earning 15 to 20 times the average wage of workers in sub-Saharan Africa. The jewellery pieces in the collection are inspired by the artisans who create them, and they showcase themes all women can relate to, such as faith (earrings), prosperity (bracelets) and hope (necklaces). Such pieces are sold alongside the original Sky bracelets and necklaces. The jewellery, which features quality glass beads, is hand-crocheted and well constructed. All proceeds go directly into training more artisans.

Mend bags

Run by Invisible Children, Mend’s goal is to improve the lives of women living in Uganda who were affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army. The program trains women as seamstresses to create tote bags, messenger bags, clutches and laptop sleeves, all handcrafted from leather, denim and cotton fabrics. Many of the bags include the thumbprint of the woman who made the bag, as well as a link to the woman’s profile, where you can learn more about her story and view her pictures and videos. When you purchase a Mend bag, proceeds will go toward funding a social worker to offer psychosocial support, as well as providing the women with meetings to learn how to read and write in their native language and learn the necessary financial skills to help with generating income and becoming self-sufficient.

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World Wildlife Fund animal adoption program

When you participate in World Wildlife Fund’s species adoption program, which costs $50, you’ll receive a plush stuffed toy animal, an animal adoption certificate, a species information card and a gift bag. Animals from a wide variety of species are available for adoption, from a three-toed sloth, to a Mekong dolphin, to an emperor penguin chick. This makes a great gift for kids and helps WWF protect the habitats of these animals.

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