13 Gifts for People Who Are Impossible to Buy For

Everyone has that one friend or family member: the one who’s impossible to shop for.

Whether they already have it all or they’re Fort Knox and refuse to divulge any information, not even the slightest hint of what they want, these people make us second-guess ourselves like crazy, with thoughts like, “But will they even like this?” and “Will they use this?” or “Do they already have this?” passing through our minds.

But this year, forget all that and have a little fun with their gifts.

We scrolled through Oprah’s Favorite Things and checked out Amazon, Target and a few other popular sites’ gift suggestions and pulled the items they likely wouldn’t purchase for themselves but would actually use.

From the wacky to the practical and the whimsical to the functional, here are 11 gifts for those impossible-to-shop-for people in your life.

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Blue light-filtering glasses

Image: Amazon.

Peepers Shine On women’s blue light-filtering reading glasses, $25 at Amazon

Mini-waffle maker

Image: Urban Outfitters.

Mini-waffle maker, $18 at Urban Outfitters

A luxurious bath gift set

Image: Teak & Twine

The Claw Foot gift set, $127 at Teak & Twine

Bloody mary cocktail branches

Image: UncommonGoods.

Bloody mary cocktail branches, $18 at UncommonGoods

Upcycled record coasters

Image: UncommonGoods.

Upcycled record coasters, $18 at UncommonGoods

Katana Safety Arc

Image: Amazon.

Katana Safety Arc, $79.99 at Amazon

P.F. Candle Co. amber jar soy candle

Image: Urban Outfitters.

P.F. Candle Co. amber jar soy candle, $20 at Urban Outfitters

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Amethyst wine stopper

Image: DowntownAlchemy/Etsy.

Amethyst wine stopper, $20 at DowntownAlchemy/Etsy

Matcha book, whisk & shaker gift set

Image: Urban Outfitters.

Matcha book, whisk and shaker gift set, $65 at Urban Outfitters

Burst toothbrush

Image: Burst.

Toothbrush, $69.99 at Burst

Unstable Unicorns base game

Image: Amazon.

Unstable Unicorns base game, $19.99 at Amazon

Oven mitt

Image: The Paper Store.

“Droppin’ a New Recipe on Your Ass” oven mitt, $12.99 at The Paper Store

Hatch Ideas notebook

Image: UncommonGoods.

Hatch Ideas Notebook, $25 at UncommonGoods


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