25 Gifts for People Who Are Impossible to Buy For

Nov 21, 2017 at 7:00 a.m. ET
Image: Getty Images/Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows
Holiday 2017 Gift Guide

Everybody has a friend who they feel obligated to buy a gift for even though that person flat-out refuses to share any ideas about what they want, has impeccable taste and also tends to treat themselves to all of the things they want anyway. (If you don’t have that friend… is it you?)

That unbearable-to-shop-for, love-them-anyway person is who this list keeps in mind. It’s full of every type of gift, from practical to quirky, spendy to cheap, techy to simple, glam to hilarious. Want to celebrate your friend’s love of pizza? Great. There’s a gift for that. Know your friend is constantly losing their car keys? Wonderful. We’ve got it covered. Does your friend hate waking up in the dark during the winter months? Yep, something here for that too.

We hope your friend appreciates the effort. If not, maybe this will be the last year they choose to forgo a wish list.

Oprah’s new book

's new book "The" Wisdom of Sundays"" width='600' height='738' data-portal-copyright='Amazon' data-dimensions='738,600' data-width='600' data-height='738' imgClass dimensions captionText sourceUrl>
Image: Amazon

The Wisdom of Sundays, $17 at Amazon

Octopus tea infuser

Gifts for Impossible People | Octopus tea infuser at World Market
Image: World Market

Octopus tea infuser, $10 at World Market

Essential oil diffuser

Gifts for Impossible People | PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser, at Joss and Main
Image: Joss and Main

PureSpa essential oil diffuser, $72 at Joss and Main

Nesting bowls set

Gifts for Impossible People | Joseph Joseph Nesting Bowls Set, at Amazon
Image: Amazon

Joseph Joseph nesting bowls set, $31 at Amazon

Cat throw blanket

Gifts for Impossible People | Cat throw blanket
Image: Society6

Are you asleep yet? blanket, $50 at Society6

Wall clock

Gifts for Impossible People | Wall Clock at Society6
Image: Society6

Wall clock, $31 at Society6

Llama throw pillow

Gifts for Impossible People | Llama Throw Pillow at Society6
Image: Society6

Llama throw pillow, $24 at Society6

Animal spirit deck

Gifts for Impossible People | The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck at The Wild Unknown
Image: The Wild Unknown

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck, $40 at The Wild Unknown

Harry Potter Hedwig lamp

Gifts for Impossible People | Harry Potter Hedwig Lamp at Pottery Barn Teen
Image: Pottery Barn Teen

Harry Potter Hedwig lamp, $180 at Pottery Barn Teen

Key ring phone charger

 Gifts for Impossible People | Powerstation Reserve Micro at Mophie
Image: Mophie

Powerstation Reserve Micro, $15 at Mophie

Pizza neon sign

Gifts for Impossible People | Pizza Neon Sign at Urban Outfitters
Image: Urban Outfitters

Pizza neon sign, $129 at Urban Outfitters

Key finder

Gifts for Impossible People | Wistiki Voilà! Smart Tracker at Urban Outfitters
Image: Urban Outfitters

Wistiki Voilà! Smart Tracker, $40 at Urban Outfitters

Vacuum-insulated water bottle

Gifts for Impossible People | Arctica Stainless Steel Bottleat HSN
Image: HSN

Arctica stainless steel bottle, $15 at HSN

Crescent moon sign

Gifts for Impossible People | Geo Moon Light Sculpture at Urban Outfitters
Image: Urban Outfitters

Geo Moon light sculpture, $34 at Urban Outfitters

Furry sloth pillow

Gifts for Impossible People | Furry Sloth Pillow at Urban Outfitters
Image: Urban Outfitters

Furry sloth pillow, $50 at Urban Outfitters

Mug warmer

Gifts for Impossible People | Mug Warmer, $8 at Target
Image: Target

Mug warmer, $8 at Target

Smart car charger & car locater

Gifts for Impossible People | nonda ZUS Connected Car App Suite at Amazon
Image: Amazon

Nonda ZUS Connected Car app suite, $28 at Amazon

Floating waterproof speaker

Gifts for Impossible People | Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker at Brookstone
Image: Brookstone

Floating waterproof Bluetooth speaker, $60 at Brookstone

3-D printing pen

Gifts for Impossible People | 3D Pen Doodler at Amazon
Image: Amazon

3-D Pen Doodler, $26 at Amazon

All-edge brownie pan

Gifts for Impossible People | Baker’s Edge Nonstick Brownie Panat Amazon
Image: Amazon

Baker’s Edge nonstick brownie pan, $36 at Amazon

Wake-up light

Gifts for Impossible People | Philips Wake-Up Light at Amazon
Image: Amazon

Philips Wake-up Light, $117 at Amazon

Herb garden

Gifts for Impossible People | Indoor Smart Fresh Herb Garden at Amazon
Image: Amazon

Indoor Smart Fresh Herb Garden, $60 at Amazon

Himalayan salt night lamp

Gifts for Impossible People | Himalayan Salt Night Lamp at Amazon
Image: Amazon

Himalayan salt night lamp, $14 at Amazon

Hanging "jellyfish" air plant planter

Gifts for Impossible People | Jellyfish Hanging Planter at Two Trees Botanicals
Image: Two Trees Botanicals

Jellyfish hanging planter, $20 at Two Trees Botanicals

Cards Against Humanity-style game for parents

Gifts for Impossible People | KinderPerfect at KinderPerfect
Image: KinderPerfect

KinderPerfect, $25 at KinderPerfect

Moon & star earrings

Gifts for Impossible People | Galaxy Stud Earrings at JCrew
Image: J.Crew

Galaxy stud earrings, $20 at J.Crew

Bong coffee mug

Gifts for Impossible People | Ceramic Novelty Pipe Mug at Amazon
Image: Amazon

Ceramic novelty pipe mug, $25 at Amazon

Crab multi-tool

Gifts for Impossible People | Crab Multi Tool at Amazon
Image: Amazon

Crab multi-tool, $16 at Amazon