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15 Stocking stuffers under $10

Stuffing a stocking should be a fun and inexpensive way to kick off your Christmas morning. But if you aren’t careful, that big, colourful sock can quickly become just as pricey as the major gifts you have planned. Bring the cheer without the ensuing credit card bill tears with the help of these budget-friendly stocking stuffer ideas.


Bath bombs

Bath bombs |

We can all benefit from a warm, relaxing bath from time to time, so make your loved one’s next bath experience extra fun with a colourful, scented bath bomb (, $3-$7). It will give them one more excuse to treat themselves to some well-earned winding-down time.


Specialty tea

Specialty tea |

Curling up with a warm cup of tea on a tough, cold day can be just what you need sometimes, and a special new flavour such as this Santa’s Secret Tea will make that relaxing moment feel extra special (, $5). Plus, if your loved one doesn’t have all the necessities to serve loose leaf tea, a tea pincer or tea filter bags will make excellent additional stocking stuffers (, $5).


Frame with image

Picture frame |

Most of us have at some time received a lovely picture frame but not been able to figure out what to put in it and had it wind up in storage. This holiday, give the gift of a nice but inexpensive picture frame, and then print out an image you think your loved one will like, and place it inside (, $6). Not only will they be able to instantly display the gift, but it will also be all the more meaningful because they’ll have a beautiful memory picked out by you to celebrate and remember.


Boxed desk notes

Boxed desk notes |

When we need to jot down everything that has to get done in the day, keeping calm isn’t always easy. But with these cute pink boxed desk notes, hopefully your loved one will have a slightly easier time staying calm and organized (, $8).

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Travel facial tissues

Facial tissues |

At some point this winter, everyone in your family is bound to need a tissue or two while they’re out and about. Prepare them for such a situation with a set of super-cute travel tissues (, $1).


Brain Cramp game

Mind trap brain cramp |

Whether you’re stuck in a car or simply looking for a way to pass the time after dinner, video games and TV aren’t the only ways to entertain yourself. Suitable for older kids as well as adults, this brain-activating quiz game is a great way to test your thinking skills and have fun as a family (, $10).


Personalized ornament

Ornament |

Start your Christmas morning with a gift that will help them remember all the great things that occurred on this day for many years to come: this create-your-own ornament (, $8). You can decorate it for them or let them dress it up as they see fit as a way to commemorate your lovely holiday together.


Astronaut ice cream

Astronaut ice creamr sandwich |

Astronauts have always been cool, but this year they managed to become even more so thanks to Canadian Chris Hadfield’s epic tweets, photos and videos. For that reason, kids and adults alike are bound to get excited when they unwrap an astronaut ice cream sandwich (, $5).


Jokes book for kids

Joke book |

A jokes book is a great way to give kids something to entertain themselves with on Christmas Day and for many days to come. This National Geographic book is loaded with riddles, tongue twisters and, of course, lots of jokes to keep little ones’ brains engaged and entertained (, $9).


Travel hygiene pack

Travel hygiene kit |

If the man in your life does a lot of travelling for work, or if the two of you have a big trip planned, a travel hygiene pack is a convenient and practical stocking stuffer (, $6). This one has everything from a dental finger mitt to a deodorant towelette to help him feel clean and fresh when he’s stuck on the go. And the pack is airport security friendly!


Bangle bracelets

Bangle bracelets |

When you think of jewellery, chances are you consider it to be more of a big-ticket holiday gift item. But it doesn’t have to be! Forever 21 offers dozens of fun and stylish bracelets such as these playful bangles that are under $10 and sure to please the young ladies or women on your list (, $7).


Wineglass charms

Wine glass charms |

These wineglass charms are perfect for the man or woman in your family who loves entertaining (, $10). Each guest gets their own wineglass charm so there are no more confusing mix-ups over whose drink is whose.


Specialty barbecue sauce

Barbecue sauce |

Support local Canadian businesses, and give the foodie or barbecue lover in your life a tasty treat by gifting them with a cool new sauce, marinade or dip they haven’t tried before, such as this Thick to Stick BBQ/Dipping Sauce (, $8).

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Smiles Made Easy cards

Smiles made easy cards |

Sharing how much you love and appreciate each member of your family and the times you spend together is important. Give yourselves a little reminder to share those special moments with note cards created by Smiles Made Easy (, $9). With cute starters like “Remember when…,” “I am proud when…” and “I love it when…,” sharing positive thoughts with each other is fun and easy.


Candy moulds

Giving a box of chocolates is all well and good, but if you want to satisfy someone’s sweet tooth in a fun new way this Christmas, give them a set of candy moulds (, $2-$10). That way they can pick the chocolate they want, melt it down into cute shapes and enjoy their own handmade treats!

Candy molds |

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