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Best beauty products for stressed-out skin

Stressed-out skin? Get your complexion back on track with our roundup of beauty and skin care products that help counter or camouflage the effects of stress.

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Stressed-out skin? Get your complexion back on track with our roundup of beauty and skin care products that help counter or camouflage the effects of stress.

Stress and your skin

Think stress just puts a damper on your day and zaps your energy? Along with the mental and emotional effects of stress, it can also wreak havoc on your complexion. Stress can mean blemishes; dark circles and puffy eyes; dry, flaky skin; a pale complexion; and even skin rashes. Luckily there are a few products that can help counteract or at the very least cover up the effects of stress.

For dry stressed skin

Increase hydration with a mask, add a hydrating serum to your skin care routine, and opt for a foundation that adds moisture when stress dries out your skin.

Moisture Mask |
Hydrate skin while you sleep with Clinique’s Moisture Surge Overnight Mask (, $38). Wear the mask during the night, when it can replenish lost moisture so you can wake up looking refreshed (not stressed).
Foundation |
Smooth on The Body Shop’s Moisture Foundation (, $10), which hydrates thanks to vitamin E, marula oil and beeswax.
Serumn |
Give skin an extra burst of moisture with the help of lightly textured but deeply penetrating Nuxe’s Crème Fraiche Serum (, $43).

For dull stressed skin

If stress is causing your skin to look dull and lacklustre, exfoliate to reveal brighter skin, and fake your way to a glowing complexion with a highlighting or illuminating product.

Facial Polish |

Use First Aid Beauty’s Facial Radiance Polish (, $30) to slough away dead skin cells and gently exfoliate the skin, revealing a smoother, more luminous complexion.

Illuminator |

Fake a gorgeous glow and camouflage a dull complexion with Origins’ Halo Effect Instant Illuminator (, $23).

For dark circles and puffy eyes

Stress often means no sleep, which can lead to puffy eyes, and the more stressed out you are, the more you’ll notice dark circles under your eyes. De-puff and conceal to hide the effects of those nights spent wide awake.

Eye roller |

Minimize puffiness under your eyes with Live Clean’s Fresh Face De-puffing Eye Treatment (, $22). The soothing eye roller treatment is formulated with green tea caffeine to de-puff.

Under eye concealer |

Pretend those dark circles don’t exist by effectively hiding them with Benefit Cosmetics’ Boi-ing (, $26), a concealer made especially for dealing with shadows and dark patches.

For stress-related blemishes

Tackle breakouts caused by stress with a blemish-busting mask and spot treatment, and then cover them up with the right concealer.

Blemish clearing mask |
Give breakouts the boot and help control oil with Juice Beauty’s Blemish Clearing Mask (, $24).
Spot clearing gel |
Speed up the blemish-healing process with Clinique’s Acne Solutions Spot Treatment Gel (, $18).
Concealer |
Conceal and treat any stress-related blemishes with the help of Murad’s Acne Treatment Concealer (, $21).

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