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DIY dollar store fall wreath

Welcome autumn with a fall wreath on your front door. You don’t need to spend big bucks — just head to the dollar store to pick and choose your fave faux flowers or foliage, and if you don’t have tie wraps, snatch those up too.

DIY fall dollar store wreath decor | - final product

What you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Fake flowers and/or foliage
  • Tie wraps



Getting started

Lay out all your supplies on a table. Grab two stems, and stagger them. Secure the pair with a tie wrap. Add a third stem, and stagger that one as well.

DIY fall dollar store wreath | - getting started


Keep going

Do not trim the stems, as they will be the base of your wreath, and the various stems will reinforce your project.

DIY fall dollar store wreath | - adding more stems


Shape things up

Continue this way until the length makes your desired wreath size. Fasten the entire wreath with a few additional tie wraps.

DIY fall dollar store wreath | - shaping up the wreath


Trim and finish

Trim the tie wrap excess, and you’re done! Hang your holiday halo on the door, and stand back to admire your handiwork!

DIY fall dollar store wreath | - final tweaking

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