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Easy DIY fixes for common skin concerns

From breakouts to dry skin and everything else in between, there’s an at-home, DIY fix — and we have some of the best. Don’t spend tons of money on creams, lotions and serums; use what you have on hand.

Woman using homemade facial mask |

We asked natural-beauty expert Kim Wallace, founder of, for her insight into DIY fixes for common beauty concerns.

Honey jar | Sheknows.caSkin issue: Clogged pores

If you have clogged pores, treat yourself to a manuka honey mask. “Manuka honey with a rating of 16-plus or higher contains powerful, antimicrobial actives that can penetrate pores and gently unplug them without drying or irritating,” explains Wallace. She suggests trying a manuka honey mask weekly or using manuka honey as a spot treatment on congested areas for 30 minutes when you need to. You can find manuka honey in most health food stores, and the rating will be on the container.

Oatmeal | Sheknows.caSkin issue: Dry, rough skin

For smooth, radiant skin, you don’t need to clutter the counter with expensive exfoliating products. Instead, give yourself a gentle facial and body scrub with what you likely have on hand. Make a paste out of three parts Arm & Hammer baking soda to one part water, suggests Wallace. You can enhance the treatment by including one part ground oatmeal. “Rub in a gentle, circular motion all over your body, avoiding your eyes, to reveal beautiful, flake-free skin, and rinse clean with warm water.” This DIY treatment will leave your skin feeling nourished and refreshed.

Coconut Oil | Sheknows.caSkin issue: Dry scalp

Colder, drier weather can mean an itchy scalp for many people, but there is an easy, all-natural fix. “Deep-treat your scalp and hair at the same time with coconut oil,” advises Wallace. “Coconut oil can penetrate the hair shaft and deliver major moisture to dry locks while also treating an itchy, dry scalp,” she explains. For the most effective hair and scalp treatment, Wallace suggests massaging coconut oil into your scalp and brushing it through your hair before bed, then washing it out in the morning.

Baking soda | Sheknows.caSkin issue: Razor burn

No one likes razor burn, and it can happen after even the most careful shaves. Banish the bumps by creating a simple pre-shave and after-shave treatment to prep skin and soothe it after. “Mix 1 tablespoon of Arm & Hammer baking soda in 1 cup of water, and massage on your skin, then rinse clean with warm water,” says Wallace. “It also works for instant razor burn relief.”

Skin issue: Acne

Jojoba plant |

Breakouts can happen at any age, but keeping them under control can be done with the help of some natural products. Start by keeping the breakout moisturized so you don’t get the urge to pick. “Treat the breakout with one drop of tea tree or lavender oil diluted in two to three drops of jojoba oil. Jojoba oil mimics your natural oils, keeping skin hydrated, while tea tree and lavender oils are naturally antiseptic and help heal the blemish while keeping it clean,” explains Wallace.

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