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Tech gadgets for your pet

These pet gadgets will make your furry friends the envy of the neighbourhood.

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Pet Gadgets

New gadgets
for your pets

These pet gadgets will make your furry friends the envy of the neighbourhood.

Technology continues to make our lives easier, so why not share some of the best gadgets with your pet? We’ve compiled a list of technological gadgets to keep you and your pet up-to-date with the latest pet-friendly inventions.

WaterDog pet fountain |

WaterDog pet fountain

Tired of refilling your dog’s water bowl? Worried your dog might not be drinking enough water when he is left outside? Strap the WaterDog pet fountain onto your home’s water tap, and worry no more. The WaterDog automatically senses your dog and dispenses water when your dog comes near. Not only does this gadget keep your dog happy and healthy, but it also features a one-year battery life. (, $69)

GoDogGo fetch machine |

GoDogGo G3 fetch machine

The GoDogGo fetch machine takes fetch to a whole new level. Most dogs love to play fetch, so it’s a great way to keep them occupied so they don’t chew up your new couch. Not only can the GoDogGo throw the ball on command through remote control, but it contains another setting that allows the ball to be thrown without any human interaction. (, $140)

Dart automatic pet laser toy |

Dart automatic pet laser toy

Cats and dogs love lasers! The Dart uses a single spinning laser to keep your pet entertained, and the best part is that you don’t even have to lift a finger. The Dart spins at variable speeds and patterns that keep your pet interested. All you have to do is turn it on and watch your pet play. (, $30)

Undercover mouse |

Mystery Motion undercover mouse

The undercover mouse is a great addition to your cat’s toy collection. It features a rodent-like tail that pokes out the end of a yellow sheet. The tail then moves in a circle underneath the sheet and changes direction in a fashion similar to a mouse. It’s a simple yet effective toy that is sure to please your cat. (, $45)

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