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Staycation: 10 Ways to be a tourist in your own town

The time and effort and months of planning that go into an international or even an interprovincial getaway can be exhausting. We often arrive home feeling like we need a holiday from our holiday. And then, of course, there’s the cost. This summer, why not learn to be a tourist in your own town and enjoy a summer staycation? Here’s how.

Summer staycation ideas



Shake things up a little, and visit some of the places you know about but haven’t visited before — or at least not in a long time. Visit a national park or botanical garden. Bring your walking shoes and your camera, and take note of the beauty around you. While you’re at it, bring your picnic blanket and your friends and family too for an impromptu picnic in the park.



There are beautiful monuments to see in many of our cities, so no matter where in Canada you live, you can find some relatively close by. Why not visit an old theatre and marvel at the architecture? Or take note of the statues that grace the streets in your area? If you’re a history buff, it’ll be exciting to learn that much more about the city you’ve been calling home all this time.



What’s usually the first thing a girl wants to do when she’s away on a summer vacation? After ordering a cocktail from the swim-up bar in the pool, shopping is a close second. There’s no reason not to spoil yourself just because you’re staycationing this summer. Head to your favourite mall or boutique, and do some shopping, even if it’s just the window variety.



Whether you’re an art critic or just want to spend the day learning something new, head over to a science centre, museum or art gallery close by. Take your time, and let yourself be inspired by what you see. And a science centre isn’t just for kids, by the way. Oh, no! You can learn to be a kid again and enjoy the marvels of science, history or art all in one afternoon.

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