Trendy summer hats

Have you already stocked up on flowy dresses, strappy sandals and sexy sunglasses? Excellent! But don’t forget to give your head the same style treatment as the rest of your body. These hot hats will give you the extra coverage you need on sunny summer days, while still granting you major style.

Shelli Segal Angelina striped sun hat

Slouchy stripes

A slouchy, wide-brimmed sun hat is just what you need when you hit the beach this summer. It’s the perfect way to keep your beautiful face and sensitive eyes safe from the sun’s rays. This Angelina striped sun hat (, $41) will do just that. Plus it’s available in one of the season’s hottest colour trends — black and white — so you can be sun-safe, comfortable and fashionable too.

Banded straw women's fedora

Fedora flair

Fedoras may have started off as a hat style for men, but that has changed over the decades. Now, a well-fitted fedora can make a trendy and feminine addition to any woman’s wardrobe. If you’re a little nervous about trying this style for the first time, test out something along the lines of this simple banded straw women’s fedora ( $16), and see what you think.

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Crocheted Panama hat

Casual crochet

Crochet fabrics are “in” this season but not just in clothing — accessories can rock the crochet look too this summer. This crocheted Panama hat (, $16) comes in a neutral cream colour, so it can be worn with all your favourite vibrant summer dresses. It’s the perfect trendy and casual piece to add to your summer accessories collection.

Lightweight Summer beanie

Lightweight beanie

Beanies might not give you a lot of sun protection, but they sure can contribute a whole lot of style to your overall look. This BMC lightweight summer beanie ( $24) adds a fun, relaxed and casual vibe to any ensemble. Plus it comes in several patterns and colours, so you can get the exact look that works for you.

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Multistriped straw sunhat

Vibrant colours

Neutral-coloured hats are perfect for wearing with a wide variety of outfits, but a vibrant statement hat is great to have on hand as well. This multi-stripe straw sun hat (, $98), for instance, incorporates some beautiful summer hues that will add major pizzazz to subdued summer ensembles. Rock it at the beach or during a casual, warm-weather stroll.

Pure cotton bow pull hat

Cute cotton

When you’re out working in the garden or taking care of outdoor chores for hours at a time, wearing a hat is important. But by no means do you have to pull on a grungy fisherman’s hat to get work done. This cotton bow pull-on hat (, $15) will keep you cool with a touch of feminine flair.

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