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The weekend getaway: How to pack lightly

Packing lightly isn’t hard to do, but it’s definitely a skill worth honing, especially if you want to make getting away for a few days quick and easy.

Girl laying on a suitcase on her bed

If you tend to over-pack, you’re not alone. But imagine how handy it would be to have just one small bag or suitcase that was easy to carry, didn’t have to be checked in on flights and contained everything you need for your trip. It can be done with these easy tips.

Pack the necessities first

What you should pack for your weekend trip is dependent on what activities you have planned. Are you heading off for a few nights in Vegas with the girls? A camping trip with your guy? Or to a family wedding? Whatever your plans are, be sure the first things to go in your bag are the ones you need the most. That might be your favourite swimsuit for Vegas, comfy hiking shoes for the camping trip or a pretty new dress for the wedding, but regardless of what it is, pack it first. That way you know you have what you need and how much room you have left for everything else.

Keep it practical

Since what to pack depends on the trip you’re packing for, there aren’t any hard and fast rules. Just take a few minutes to think about what you’re really likely to do during the upcoming few days, and go from there. And consider that, in most cases, you probably don’t need to have multiples of the same items (other than your undies, of course) for a weekend jaunt, so take those extra pairs of shoes, coats, handbags, etc. out of your suitcase, and put them back in the closet.

Brightly dressed girl with suitcaseDownsize your beauty products

While travelling, makeup, skin care products, shampoo, styling products, curling and flat irons and all the rest can be bulky and impractical. Transfer a few days’ worth of skin care and hair products to travel-size containers, or buy sample sizes that are ready to go. Keep your makeup simple, and make sure all your beauty products fit into one grab-and-go cosmetics bag. Take only the hair accessories and electronics you absolutely need and are sure to use.

Bring versatile pieces

  • Bring items that can be mixed and matched. Packing various pieces that work together will multiply your outfit options without loading down your suitcase.
  • You can easily change the look of an outfit by adding a colourful scarf, flattering belt or even a standout piece of jewellery, so make sure to add an accessory or two to your bag.
  • Keep your footwear practical. Bring one pair of comfy footwear (and wear them while travelling), such as ballet flats that work with your weekend wardrobe, and then decide what else you need.
  • Think layers. Bulky coats can take up a lot of suitcase space, so opt for layering pieces instead. You can add or remove the layers as you need to, and each layer is a fresh, new look.

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