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Podcast of the month: The Moth

Everyone has his own unique story, but unfortunately we rarely get to hear all the diverse personal histories out there. With The Moth, you can listen to the many different, exciting stories of people from all over the world that you might otherwise miss out on.

The Moth podcast

Real people telling great stories

With all the biographies on the shelves and celebrities giving interviews on a regular basis, it’s pretty evident that we, as a society, love learning about other people’s stories.

But historical figures and famous individuals aren’t the only ones with captivating stories to tell. We each have wonderful and unique tales worth sharing, and The Moth is dedicated to telling those stories.

What is The Moth?

The Moth is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on the art and craft of storytelling. Poet and bestselling novelist George Dawes Green founded it in 1997 as a way to recapture the times he used to spend with friends, sitting around in the evening and telling stories. Since its humble launch in New York City, it has spread, and Moth shows are now held in major cities all over the United States. Each show has a theme, and every raconteur speaking at that event explores the theme in his or her own unique way using his or her own personal story. Mainstage shows feature five storytellers who have developed and shaped their stories with The Moth directors. StorySLAM shows are competitions that offer a chance for local storytellers to tell their tales in under five minutes, and Moth Community Education Programs offer storytelling opportunities to high school students and marginalized adults. The Moth podcasts can come from any of these wonderful events.

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The Moth podcast

Why we love it

The stories told at Moth shows can touch on a huge range of subjects. Topics such as a man’s experience with his wife’s epilepsy, a Mormon woman returning home to tell her parents she’s lost her virginity and how a child copes with addiction are just some of the many that have been explored. But it isn’t just the story that’s worth hearing. Each person’s unique way of making his or her story known causes the tale to walk a beautiful line between documentary and theatre. And you have the opportunity to be taken on a fascinating journey you couldn’t possibly discover on your own. The stories aren’t preachy or imposing, but the storyteller’s authenticity and unique voice might easily have you looking at problems and challenges in a fresh, new light.

The Moth podcast

How to get the podcast

Each week, a favourite story from a Moth show is made available on iTunes. To get the podcast on a regular basis, simply search for “The Moth” in iTunes and subscribe to The Moth Podcast. You’ll get a free Moth story every week, and about four times a year, a popular Moth show is podcast in its entirety. To find out more about The Moth or to perhaps even submit a story of your own, check out

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Photos courtesy of Denise Ofelia Mangen

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