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When it comes to manicures, gone are the days of boring single-colour nails and in is nail art you couldn’t imagine fitting on a nail let alone creating it yourself. To find nail art inspiration, there is no better place to turn than to nail bloggers. They know the best polish brands, have the most creative ideas and show us it’s possible to do it at home and not have to spend an arm and a leg at a salon.

nail art flowers from Intense Polish Therapy

Intense Polish Therapy

Anita Marie of Intense Polish Therapy (also on Facebook) has been blogging for nearly a year, and she’s already developed an impressive readership — for good reason too. She is amazingly skilled at applying and photographing new nail designs, getting everyone who follows her blog excited to try them out for themselves.

We asked Anita Marie to share a tip or two for creating our own nail art designs at home, and here’s what she had to say: “You have to practice and have patience. Also, before applying your nail polish, put some polish remover on a cotton pad, and wipe down your nails even if you’re not wearing any polish. It’ll remove the oils that are on the nail, which will help the polish stay longer.”

Anita Marie’s favourite polish brands: Brazilian brands Ludurana and Hits.

nail art from The Obsessed nail blog

The Obsessed

Aire of The Obsessed blog (also on Facebook) has been sharing her love of nail art for over a year, and her passion really shines through. She’s on top of all the new polish lines hitting the market and shares gorgeous images of her impressive nail art skills. She gives her readers the lowdown on what to look out for with new products, and she captures the look of her manicures with her beautiful photography.

We asked Aire what tips she had for at-home nail care, and here’s what she had to say: “Adopt a nail care routine that works for you. Whether that only includes filing down nails and applying cuticle oil every night or is more elaborate and includes weekly soaking, scrubbing, buffing and cuticle care, figure out what works for your time and your hands. That way you are not emulating but adopting a routine to best suit your needs. At the very least, keep some cuticle oil on your nightstand for nightly application.”

Aire’s favourite polish brands: OPI for its huge range and collections and Aussie brand piCture pOlish for its beautiful colours.

nail art from Nail Narcotics

Nail Narcotics

Becca of Nail Narcotics has also been sharing her love of polish and nails for just over a year. At her blog, you’ll find great pictures of her imaginative nail art, and you’re bound to find something you’ll want to try yourself at home.

We asked Becca what her No. 1 tip is for creating our own nail art, and here’s what she had to say: “Top coat, top coat and top coat! If doing nail design or art, it needs to be sealed; otherwise the polish will flake and peel.”

Becca’s favourite nail colour: any shade of blue

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