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Tips to prevent dry skin

Dry skin can be itchy, flaky and look wrinkled and dull, but the war on dry skin doesn’t have to be an ongoing battle. One of the keys is to prevent it in the first place with these easy tips.

Young woman moisturizing dry skin

Feed your skin

A healthy diet of foods rich in vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids will aid in the prevention of dry skin, so incorporate good-for-you foods, such as cold water fish, flaxseed oil and dark, leafy greens, into your meal plans.

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Boost the humidity in your home

Although running a furnace or air conditioner will keep your home at a comfortable temperature, it can also dry out the air, which will affect the condition of your skin. Combat this problem by using a humidifier to add healthy moisture back into the air and to your skin.

Set shower and bath limits

While taking a long, hot shower or bath is a nice way to relax and cleanse your body, it can also strip your skin of its natural oils and leave it feeling dry and tight. Do your skin a favour, and limit bathing time to under 10 minutes, only once a day, and use warm, not hot, water.

Moisturize often

Protect your skin from dryness by using a moisturizer every day. Make it a habit to apply it as often as needed, and for the best results, use it after getting out of the shower, while your skin is still warm and damp, as this will help seal in moisture. For even more hydrating power, use a moisturizing body wash or bar in the shower, or soothe your skin with a shower and bath oil. Be sure to take care of your face by only using a cream or lotion specially formulated for facial skin.

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Exfoliate your skin regularly

Gently scrubbing off the top layer of dry, dead skin will not only improve the look and feel of your skin but also help your moisturizer be more effective. Removing this dead skin barrier allows your moisturizer to penetrate the new skin cells, which will result in moist, soft skin.

Choose your skin cleanser wisely

Many soaps contain harsh ingredients that can be irritating and drying, so don’t use just any bar of soap to clean your skin. A better option is to choose a gentle product that moisturizes as it cleans.

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