8 Mother's Day gag gifts

May 7, 2013 at 7:17 p.m. ET

Unless you want to create drama this Mother's Day, here are some gifts that shouldn't make it onto your shopping list.

With so many great gift ideas for Mother's Day, shopping for the perfect present for your mom can be overwhelming. So this year we've decided to put together a list of items that you shouldn't buy to help you keep your focus when you do hit the stores.


Taxidermy wine dispenser

Taxidermy wine dispenser

This unusual gift (or should I say treasure?) is sure to grab the attention of the mom who has everything, which is not necessarily a good thing. However, I recommend buying the squirrel in the tuxedo. Why? Because if you're going to buy something this original, then you might as well dress it up.


Bacon soap

Bacon soap

There's nothing like soap that smells and looks like bacon. Right?



Car Eyelashes

For her car. If your mom's car lacks personality, how about giving it a nice pair of eyelashes? Or surprise her and attach them to her car while she's not around! Or not…


Parenting books

Parenting books

Nothing says "I love you, Mom" like a book detailing everything she did wrong as a parent.


Workout aides

Lose that baby fat

Workout aides are great gifts, and we all want our moms to be fit and healthy. But unless she has specifically asked for workout tips, steer clear of this one.


Wine holder necklace

Wine holder necklace

If your mother has a sense of humour, then by all means, buy her a wine holder necklace. Most people would probably love this as a gift — it's just so practical!


Wine purse

Wine purse

Another great wine-related gift, the wine purse can be taken on family outings, trips to the park or anywhere else you think your mom would like to get tipsy.



All I'm going to say here is that the Cuchini is on the top of my list of gifts to never give any female — ever.


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