5 Questions to ask your insurance agent

Insurance can be intimidating for many women, but it doesn’t really have to be if you’re prepared and know what to ask your agent.

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Insurance can be intimidating for many women, but it doesn’t really have to be if you’re prepared and know what to ask your agent.

You’ve had this meeting planned for a week. Your insurance agent is running a few minutes late, but that’s OK; flipping through the pages of the latest fashion magazine is more exciting than the world of claims, coverage plans and liabilities. Suddenly it hits you, though — you’re here to inquire about insurance, and you have no idea what to ask to make sure you get the best rate available. The latest summer shoe trends suddenly don’t seem to matter. You panic and wish you had done some research before coming in today.

If you’re looking to avoid a situation like this, you’ve come to the right place. By arming yourself with these five questions to ask your insurance agent, you’ll walk away more confident about the policy you’ve just signed on for.


Who are you?

Don’t ask your agent this — ask yourself this question while sitting at home and researching possible insurers to reach out to. What we’re trying to tell you is that you need to do your homework. Find out how long the company has been in business, the size of it and its ratings. Asking your agent about their credentials for being an insurance professional will also help you decide whether you’re dealing with the best insurer out there.


Does your agency have any services I’m not taking
advantage of?

Let’s face it: You’re paying enough money each year to make sure you’re covered for those “just in case something bad happens” situations, so why not make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck?


What is not covered by the policy?

Everyone is always so eager to tell you what they are offering that sometimes asking the opposite question can throw them off and allow you to see the truth behind each policy. Asking this question also prepares you for dealing with any unpleasant — and expensive — surprises if anything bad does happen.


How will you help me if I have trouble filing a claim?

Claims are handled by insurance adjusters, and it’s their job to settle the claim for as little money as possible. So as a prospective insurance buyer, you need to find out if and how the agent can help you in the event of a dispute.


How does your company go about renewing policies?

Sometimes the policy can be renewed by the insured, but other times they are automatically renewed by the insurance company. By inquiring about your rights from the start, you can know if you can ask for a guaranteed-renewable policy with a premium guarantee as well.

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